What do you think of when you hear these name?LONGEST AND MOST DETAILED ANSWERS?

What do you think of when you hear these name?LONGEST AND MOST DETAILED ANSWERS? Topic: Clothing design business plan
June 20, 2019 / By Jazmine
Question: LONGEST AND MOST DETAILED ANSWERS? Like, Melissa, I think A girl with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is 16 years old, who LOVES purple and black. She is a born runner, and loves it!! ( i dont feel like typing much more lol ) So here- Alli Kaitlyn Alina Lina Anna Please answer!!! :)))))))))) ( All girl names )
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Best Answers: What do you think of when you hear these name?LONGEST AND MOST DETAILED ANSWERS?

Faith Faith | 7 days ago
i love these questions! Please consider mine! Alli- A sweet loving girl... most of the time. her hair is shoulder length, and has a glossy flow to the golden locks that resemble a field of wheat. Her hard glassy blue stare can show evilness, yet can also show the soft side. She has a bossy attitude while at the same time cares for her friends opinions, even if she likes to have it her way. She's kind to the parents, it's as though it's a totally different her, though if you aren't in her gang, she's vicious and opinionated. She'd point out all your flaws and put you down right on the spot. She goes easy on her friends, though. But she's one of the best friends to take to Six Flags, or maybe to a slumber party because she has the best gossip stories out there. ;) Kaitlyn- A quiet, loving girl who's bashful in class, but crazy with her friends. She has a goofy side you'd never expect until you see her prancing through the sprinklers outside random stranger's houses while walking passed with her friends. She's out there with the gang trying to keep the mood up, not down, and has the ability to cheer you up right away. She's a great athlete, especially when it comes to tennis. She's all over the court hittin' those tennis balls and sending the guys in a frenzy. Her silky chocolate brown hair has the perfect wave, and falls just above her elbows. Though she always complains that she wants to get it chopped up to her shoulders, she never goes through with the plan since she thinks it fits good with her emerald green eyes. She absolutely adores the color pink, and thrives off the color. All her notes in her notebook are highlighted in pink gel pen. The time for tennis tryouts: writen in pink gel pen on the back of her hand. ;D Alina- Her girly attitude shows through her clothes and jewelry. She's the master of disguise, sending fashion statements all over the school and busy flirting with the dudes. Even when it comes to gym, she's dress with a white Aero shirt and the most expensive shorts at the store. (It's rumored that she had her shoes designed by Erica Severson(best fashion designer out there, btw/jk)) But at the same time, she doesn't try her best, but secretly has an obsession for running. At home, she works out on her treadmill down in the basement so her friends don't find out. She may be a bit shy at times around people stronger than she is(principle, president(duh), teachers, etc.) Lina- The total bookworm. She's tan all over from those days in the sun while reading in her bathing suit. She knows everything there could be, and sometimes helps her friends out with test answers, though she knows it's bad and can get her in trouble. She worries a lot about what bigger things are out there. (What will happen when I grow older? Guys, I need to study if I'm going to go into college. Ahhh!! Spider! (jk)) Though she's a bit paranoid, she loves the outdoors and often joins summer camps not only to work with wildlife, but to make new friends, even if her ones back at home don't appreciate this. Her jet black hair falls the longest, all the way down to her hips. She usually wears it in a side braid, and clips her bangs to the side, since they aren't long enough to go into the braid. Her dark, almost black, brown eyes compliment how large they really are, and pop when she wears make up, which is almost never. She wears nail polish to keep from chewing on them, but ends up breaking that rule anyways, chipping them terribly and doesn't even bother fixing them. :D And finally, Anna- A sweet, cute girl who always thinks of the bright side. Her beautiful blonde hair is styled in a bob, the front longer than the back. She likes to wear headbands with bows, and never forgets to match them! Her sense of style is casual, yet chic, but when sports come into play, she ditches the style and goes right to business. She's kept her hair long enough to fit it in a messy ponytail, and swaps the high heel boots for mucky tennis shoes. Her fame for athletics shows on the board of records where her name is listed three times in a row for push ups, the mile, pull ups, and sit ups. She adores the colors green and purple, which makes her room reflect that love. Everything is purple and green, even her desk is purple and green! She absolutely loves slumber parties, and even throwing parties herself! She has the best ideas for parties, such as halloween parties and decorations for christmas bashes. She's the life of the party! Sorry, I would write more, but I have to get off the computer :P Hope this helps! (oh, and PS, I sort of based this as a group, like their all friends. I wasn't sure, and sort of like in the clique :D)
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Berta Berta
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Affrika Affrika
Honest to God, I don't like the names and find them generic. But, I'll comment on them. Alli - This name strikes me for a tomboy for some reason. Alli would be the kind of girl who plays baseball with boys and eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for desert. She'd wear tattered t shirts and torn jeans with white shoes that have turned brown. Something of a hardass, too, I'd like to think. Alli would definitely have thin, brown, medium-length hair hanging down from a worn baseball cap. Kaitlyn - This name sounds like a girly-girl. Shopping, stuffed animals, excessive lipgloss and the like. She'd have a beaming smile, and when she smiles her eyes would squint happily. She'd make friends with everyone, not popular, but nice. Alina - Sounds like a princess name. Damsel in distress. Sweet, caring, rescues the forest animals and places them under her gigantic royal bed. Lol. Lina - Rip-off version of Alina? Seems like she'd be Alina's alter ego, the more precocious side. Anna - All I think of here is the nickname Anna Banana. She seems like some tall, skinny girl who's so tall that she hunches, making her look like a cashew, or a banana, or something curved. Glasses, shaggy hair and the like.
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Thomas Thomas
Alli - Blonde, blue eyes, has that "all-American" seem. Hates it while human beings call her by way of her finished first call. is extremely female. likes to have relaxing yet does not plenty with reference to the international or people who're diverse from her. Kaitlyn - Brown hair, brown eyes. Enjoys activities and loves her acquaintances and kin. Is a television buff. receives sturdy grades. Mina - darkish brown hair, hazel eyes, olive epidermis. learn annoying and has vast desires for herself. Is somewhat introverted. Alina - Reddish brown hair, green eyes. knows the thank you to stability college and relaxing. Is commonplace with anybody with out extremely attempting to be. Lina - Black hair, brown eyes. Hasn't somewhat found out who she is yet. Is quiet and prefers to have in basic terms some close acquaintances. Anna - darkish brown hair, brown eyes. is extremely clever and counseled. Cares approximately others and is lively in lots of reasons. must be defined as a "city woman".
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