Does counting lines make me an egotist?

Does counting lines make me an egotist? Topic: How to write a theatre script play
June 26, 2019 / By Jeanna
Question: I have the female lead in a play in which I have 260 lines. Does that fact that I know this make me an egotist like some people on this website have suggested? If you care, I know that the character with the most lines has 300, the character with the least has 7, there are 1327 lines total in the play and therefore, my part is 20% of the play. Why would I be considered an egotist? Does that fact that I acknowledge that I have the female lead make me an egotist? Where is the line drawn? I also may have OCD, seeing as i know that the number of lines each character has: dad 300, Anne 260, Ernestine 166, mother 133, frank 105, Martha 100, Larry 63, miss brill 59, bill 25, Dan 24, joe 21, Fred 19, Lillian 13, mrs Fitzgerald 10 and dr Burton 7.
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Fauna Fauna | 4 days ago
When playing a role, I always know how many lines I have. When I direct, I make sure to count lines for every part in the script. In community theater (i.e. volunteer), people like to be aware of the time commitment involved when auditioning for a role. A 650 line part takes a lot more time than a 75 line part. I don't think it makes you an egotist unless you brag about it or demean the actors with less lines. If you make a big deal out of carrying 20% of the show, then yes it is very egotistical. By the way, ALL parts in a script are important. Authors would not waste time writing useless parts and directors/producers would not pay unnecessary actors to fill them. Sometimes the most important roles are "small" ones so make sure you keep your ego in check.
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