How can I improve my grades?

How can I improve my grades? Topic: does homework improve grades
June 16, 2019 / By Ardal
Question: Im in grade 8 and my grades aren't really good its like its almost impossible for me to stay on task I get distracted by the smallest things every time I try to focus its like the stuff my teacher tells me goes right through my head and its hard to remember it after I'm doing homework I'm willing to have a tutor I just don't want my parents spending money for no reason if I'm not going to learn anyone have and suggestion's on what I can do about my problem?
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Trinity Trinity | 3 days ago
I would had criticized your writing skill, but since you're in eighth grade, I'd let it slide. Anyways, have you consider the assumption that you maybe have ADD? ~David
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Trinity Originally Answered: How can I improve my grades?
It looks like things are going well for you in U.S. history, SAT/ACT prep, and Child Development. If you feel uncomfortable with the rest of your grades, here are some tips for each subject: AP Spanish: Try making a friend who is a native Spanish speaker (or at least speaks it fluently) OR find a Spanish TV show that you like. If you use Spanish for fun outside of the classroom, you've feel more motivated to pick up more words, and you'll have the kind extra natural practice that allows you to speak English as well as you do. AP English: Here, I would suggest that you ask you AP English teacher how you can improve your writing. If they're a good teacher, they will share tips and writing insight that will help you sharpen your skills (or at least better you'll understand what they are looking for). Chemistry & Honors Algebra 2: If you have the time I would recommend that you get a tutor for these classes, so that you spend less time frustrated and more time learning & understanding. Good Luck!
Trinity Originally Answered: How can I improve my grades?
How much time (per day or per week) do you spend studying and doing homework? I know my grades suffered when I would try to get all of my work done at school and try to skip out on taking my work home. Some easy steps: 1. Study a subject for an hour per night. I set up each subject with one hour each day, and then studying for tests and quizzes were not quite so daunting. If I had no homework in a subject, I used the opportunity to read ahead in subjects like history or chemistry and take my own notes. 2. Organize a study group for classes in which you want to raise your grades. Get together and work on homework together or study for upcoming tests. It is always helpful to have other people pushing you to achieve your goal as well. 3. If you are truly concerned about your grades, you can always hire a private tutor to assist you for a few weeks until you get back on track and feel you can take the class on your own. Many teachers, like myself, are also willing to stay after school and tutor students if they are willing to ask for help. If you put in the effort, your grades will demonstrate that. I graduated from high school as valedictorian with a 3.99 unweighted GPA since I had a low A- in AP Calc. I then went on to college and graduated in 3 years with a BS in Spanish education and used that last year when all my friends were finishing their 4 year degrees to start on my master's. Anything is possible if you are willing to work hard.

Sally Sally
Middle school isn't a big deal, it's high school that really counts 9-12 is what colleges look at. The look at the unweighted GPA. And the academic core. Although, trying in middle school is good for you.
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Nigelia Nigelia
having add doesnt have anything to do with it i have add and i found that if you make the work more interesting for yourself for example make urself some quizzes or write some questions down on a sheet of paper ans the answers on another sheet of paper then u cut the questions and answers and tey to match them do it over and over till u get it right it also helps better when u have a parent or friend helping u too good luck in school
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