What was it like for a teenager in the 1960's in israel?

What was it like for a teenager in the 1960's in israel? Topic: Teenagers essays
June 25, 2019 / By Claud
Question: Im righting an essay on this guy from israel durhing around the 6 day war. any tips? or even main events. please and thanks. 10 pionts will be given. (=
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Amon Amon | 8 days ago
A lot like being a white teenager in Mississippi in the 1960's,except that in this case the racial persecution got glowing reviews instead of a negative press. But you could still do anything you wanted to a Pal and you still can,basically.
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Titty Titty
Ahh, great question, my friend! You see there were no cell-phone cameras during the 60ies so we the Jewish people could do pretty much anything we wanted to the Palestinians without having to fight the YouTube video channel for our crimes. Dam those Scandinavians and their mobile phone tech! I was a zionist back then, but I realized of how wrong that thing was so I ...resigned from being one of them. Shalom!
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Rubie Rubie
Whoa! lady! For one thing that guy would look a lot different than today. No plastic surgeons during the sixties, no nose jobs for the masses. Karl "the Marx" , great jew communist said that, not me. Thomas
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Neilina Neilina
Karl Marx never said it and that is number 1. Number 2 he never had a big nose, but they called him the moore because he was tan. In the 60's it was similar to now except more people were in tune about Israel. That is mostly because there were no TV's back then. There was also less palestinian arab nationalism. People called them arabs not palestinians as we do today (well actually palestinian arabs). Today we dropped the arab portion.
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