Do you find this interesting, shocking, and/or sad?

Do you find this interesting, shocking, and/or sad? Topic: Action case study
July 17, 2019 / By Galen
Question: Studies have shown that people are more readily moved to action by the fate of a single specific child than they are about the fate of millions of nameless, faceless children. How would you --- not so much justify the results --- but how would you explain it? In case you were wondering, the study isn't something I've found on the internet but rather is something mentioned in a book I'm reading, The Moral Landscape, by Sam Harris. By the way, this book is a must read for Theists, as this book explains how science, not religion, should be the foundation of our morals. While you may be thinking to yourself, "How the eff is that possible," the book will knock your socks off. It'll give you a whole new perspective on life. But I digress, as I'm not here to promote the book.
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Best Answers: Do you find this interesting, shocking, and/or sad?

Derek Derek | 5 days ago
Probably the fact that they KNOW that specific child directly, and as a result, develop feelings and emotions towards he/she. Its stupid though. Numbers should draw action, not a single unit.
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Benji Benji
I'm neither shocked or sad. Affecting the fate of millions of children is more difficult ... even overwhelming. But fundamentally, one can only solve our problems one person at a time.
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Abe Abe
will this bring a better tomorrow ? using blasphemy and insults to get a reaction out of people (believers) is certainly not the way for a peaceful tomorrow. J
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Shona Shona
because you can feel connected to an individual child but its hard to really feel connected to a million people. or maybe its empathy, you cant relate to too many people at one time but you cam definately care about one person at a time.
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