Pink discharge please ladied help?

Pink discharge please ladied help? Topic: Yogurt bacteria research
June 25, 2019 / By Ryley
Question: Okay let me start by saying I am a clean girl I wash my diet its pretty good I been with my partner for a long time!! but.I had sex w him only 4month ago every thing was fine but the beginning of this month I notice we had used sex its smell wierd I didn't pay attention because it went away now like this.past two week I notice the smell its like fishy and its only strong during sex! I hate it I feel gross I.did make an app with my doc but I don't see her for about two weeks ;( and I am scared I am 20 old enough but still and I notice my period been gone and when we had sex bleed a little we haven't had sex but now I am.having this weird pinkish discharge ! Its not heavy idk what else to.do I have no STD I been tested for all that not to.long could.it be a yeast infection or Bv ? Anyone experience this and by the eay i started birth control.pills a day after my period started like Thursday and I never experience pink.discharge so maybe its that ? I hate that I have to wait this long for a app plz no rude comments
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Murdo Murdo | 9 days ago
Hey Hi, It looks like you have signs and symptoms of candida yeast infection. Most doctors (99% of them will say its all in your head) I had it for over 15 yrs and it took over my life. Based on my personal experience and 100s of other women that I have talked to and helped here is what I can tell you. 1. You will experience more itching around private area 2. You will experience discharge that will make your panties dirty, your discharge could also happen while you are having intercourse. Sort of white cottage cheese. 3. You may also experience smell down there, at start it's not that bad but if you leave it untreated then things can get out of control and smell can totally ruin your life. In my case I lost my bf and job it was just too much I couldnt stay still without applying perfume every 10-15 minutes yes it was that bad. 4. Bloating/Gas what happens if after a while you dont treat it you may experience some sort of gas/bloating and it can get really embarrasing. In my case it always came when my bf was just gonna kiss me or when we would get intimate or some other random times of the day while I was doing something. 5. Painful sex, your sexual life will be severely impact because if you get vaginal yeast infection manifestation of candida then it hurts badly during sex. 3 out of 4 women gets recurring yeast infection and almost 2-3times a year. You can read further about signs and symptoms of candida by sean brookwood who is a candida expert and well known person who has done a lot of research on topic of candida. In regards with the treatment options (your immune system is weak so natural remedies might not be enough) available for you lets look over those, mind you I have spent tens and thousands of dollars and over a decade trying everything so what you will read below is based on my personal experience and after helping 100s of other women suffering from candida 1. Antibiotics wont really help much. If you keep up with news then CDC recently announced that the age of antibiotics is almost over. They are not great option. Further in case of candida it can help you at start but then candida will come back with furry and it will get harder to treat it. 2. OTC treatment options, many people on this site and other places or even if you go see a doctor he/she will recommend you Monistat or Diflucan while these may help cover the symptoms for a while but it wont really treat your candida. It will just go away for a while and come back. Plus its really not a cheap solution and wont do you good in long run. 3. Home Remedies option -> Not that home remedies dont work the issue is that you will have to eat/use 20-30 in order to get even a slight benefit for example --> Garlic -> Can you eat 30 garlic a day? Unless you live in a cave with no social interaction and nothing I doubt you wanna eat all that garlic. Some people say put it up your vagina, which is so STUPID, it can get stuck I have seen tons of cases where it got stuck and they had to seek help. Its' stupid dont do it please. Yogurt -> Can you eat 20 boxes of big yogurt? While it has good bacteria its just not enough plus it doesnt pass the outer later of stomach wall which is full of acids. Here is what I recommend through which I got my life back and which helped 100s of other women: 1. Get on some candida diet, there are tons of them out there I personally recommend Sean Brookwood's candida treatment protocol, he has tons of great information about candida. However you can try some other candida diet if you cant follow Sean's protocol. 2. Make sure your private area is always dry dont leave it wet 3. Get yourself cotton panties 4. Make sure you are not taking douches 5. Get yourself a good candida yeast infection probiotic the one I recommend to all of my friends and other women suffering from candida is probacto probiotics, their probiotic has all the good bacteria strains that can help against candida. I been using them for over a decade now and really no complaints. It also works for all vaginal infections. You may need to take it for at least 3-4 months followed by at least 6 months of multivitamin. 6. Get a good multivitamin, I recommend Alive Multivitamin it's great and I take it on daily basis you cant go wrong. 7. Make sure you are drinking 2-3 cups of Nettle Leaf Tea everyday. 8. Avoid alcohol 9. Avoid sugar 10. If its vaginal yeast infection (which is most of the time for most women anyways) then avoid having sex with your boyfriend/husband for a while, as you can pass it along to him. Imagine your embarrassment then when he tells his friends he caught something from you. Penile yeast infection while not that known is still something men suffer from and it can be bothersome for them. And give it at least 2-3 months, once you have recovered make sure you take probiotics at least once a day for a while so that candida doesn't come back. I hope it helps, let me know if you have further questions.
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Kendal Kendal
You should use a natural intimate wash regularly and I personally recommend everteen. It will help you in coming over fishy smells and discharge.
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There are little lubrication glands just inside your vagina. Evidently they are becoming active now that you're becoming mature. What to do? You can trim some of the hair down underneath a bit shorter with scissors, so it won't hold moisture. You can tuck some folded toilet paper (three or four squares altogether) between the inner lips of your vaginal opening. When you urinate, it will drop away, and after you wipe, you can start with new paper. (Don't use Kleenex -- it can clog up plumbing because it isn't designed to dissolve.) You can wear a thin pad with wings inside your panties. Pay particular attention to that area when you bathe or shower.
Kendal Originally Answered: Help me? Discharge coming from.?
its nothing to look forward to a period lol ermm. well i got this for about 2 years before i started my period and i still get it now! just make sure you have some pads ready in the house you could start now or when your 18 nobody knows and theres no way to predict it. just keep yourself clean. id reccommend aqous cream its meant to just be rubbed on dry skin but you can use it as soap for you bits :) its really good and gets rid of any uneasy smells. change your underwear like when you get home from school before you go out and like before you go to bed. :) this'll stop it smelling ♥

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