What's the fastest and cheapest way to get divorced?

What's the fastest and cheapest way to get divorced? Topic: Cheap term paper
June 25, 2019 / By Dahlia
Question: We've already separated the belongings, took his name off the bank account, and so forth. But what's the cheapest way to make it official? I saw a website where I can download divorce papers for $30, and all I have to do is get them notarized and file them at the courthouse. Several people have told me what a stupid idea this is, though. Has anyone done that, or something similar? Thanks!
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Best Answers: What's the fastest and cheapest way to get divorced?

Bithia Bithia | 7 days ago
It's fine to do as long as it's an uncontested divorce (both of you totally agree with everything you're filing). It only gets to be tricky if one of you don't agree with something and try to fight it later before the final ruling on the divorce. I know a few people who have gone the route you're thinking about and it worked out great for them. It didn't work for me because my ex contested nearly every term in the divorce. Best of luck!!!
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Ailsie Ailsie
go to leaglzoom.com and get an uncontested divorce. They cover all the legal aspects you might not realize. But when you see the papers you will understand. It is just to cover all the little things. Plus you still have to pay the clerk at the courthouse the filing fee. It should be around $150 to $250 or around there. You could do it your way, it is possible, and if you guys had nothing of real value and just basically had a fun time together. It will be o.k. I think the legal zoom fee is a couple hundred dollars. peace bro
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Tommie Tommie
Its not stupid as long as you are comfortable completing the paperwork on your own. You certainly don't want to skimp on this and make a mistake. I know a few people who have used an online doc prep service (http://divorce4her.com/). They prepare the paperwork for you, then you file it at the courthouse. Pretty easy.... The simplest way to get a divorce is for it to be a uncontested one. Contested divorces take forever and drain you both emotionally and financially.... Good luck!
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Raymond Raymond
No the on-line papers are a waste of cash on account that you have to pay to publish them to the courts besides. The court docket residence will deliver you the equal forms totally free. So you'll simplest be spending extra money the on-line manner. It is useful to move on your nearby court docket residence and ask for the divorce forms and simply fill it out and pay the cash and hand it in to them and get your court docket date. It quite is useful. The toughest aspect is filling out the entire forms and getting the copies of the matters they desire from you favor your marriage certificates and stuff like that. It quite is useful simply cross on your court docket residence and ask and they have got persons in an effort to support you too. Good success.
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Mathew Mathew
Well that would be murder but then there is all that jail time you would have to do. If you don't have lots of property or kids it actually should not be that bad. I have seen some go as fast as two months and some go over two years! Q: Why is divorce so expensive? A: Because its worth it!
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