Who is the best quarterback of the 2000's new england's tom bradyor indianapolis's peyton manning?

Who is the best quarterback of the 2000's new england's tom bradyor indianapolis's peyton manning? Topic: The best conclusion
June 25, 2019 / By Fran
Question: i do like peyton manning and the indianapolis colts but even after the 11-15-09 game i still think tom brady and the new england patriots are better in the 2000's tom brady brought his team to the super bowl 4 times and won all but one the one they played undefeated and it has so far been the first super bowl i've seen with an undeafeated team the colts won the one super bowl they went to but the last 2 years they've lost their first game in the playoffs so belive tom brady is better
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Danielle Danielle | 2 days ago
Let me give it to you with straight facts so that it leaves no doubt or counter-argument 1) Who has better regular season stats? Manning 2) Who has better playoff stats? Brady 3) Who has better super bowl stats? Brady 4) What matters more regular season or playoffs & superbowl? Playoffs & Superbowl Therefore, Brady all day long. Not even a contest. EDIT: @M.Diego The reason you're getting thumbs down is because you based your conclusion off of 20 people's opinions. Keyword = opinions. Use facts like I did above and you'll get better results. The problem is that you cannot use facts to prove Manning is better for the same reason that you cannot use facts to prove that the sky is red.
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Danielle Originally Answered: How many people think that Peyton Manning will be the greatest QB ever at the end of his career?
no, no, no, no, no, and no. Peyton Manning will never be "the greatest QB to ever play the game". ever. even if he did break all the records i still would not believe him to be anywhere near the greatest. while his stats may seem outstanding to you right now, you have not taken into consideration the other factors, witch are the TEAM that surrounds him. without the outstanding line, and receivers he has he would be nothing. if you took him and put him with lets say green bay for example he would struggle to win a single game. Brett favre (arguably ONE of the many true greatest) took them 8-8. if you put favre with peytons team the would have won the super bowl a good 3 times.back to peyton, i do not like him a single bit, when i watch him play all i see is a Winny stuck up little *****. besides statistics and records don't mean anything , look at it this way, favre is 5 TD passes away from most career TD passes, on the other side of that he is 4 away from most interceptions, pretty funny he may hold both huh? oh and manning will (hopefully) never beat a single favre record. so in conclusion peyton manning will never be anything more than "that QB that the colts used to have"

Bonnie Bonnie
Tom Brady is stastically more clutch the Peyton, and he also plays better in the playoffs. He won 3 Superbowls with mediocre receivers. Peyton won one with Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne, the first certainly a Hall of Famer, the second I believe when he's done will also be in the Hall. I don't buy the whole "Peyton executes so much information on the field." He's asked to do it by Tom Moore the offensive coordinator. He basically gets a run left, run right and a passing play with basic audibles. He chooses the play based on the defense. People using this argument try to act like Tom Brady is incapable of doing the same. Regardless of Peyton's gaudy regular season statistics over the years, 4th quarter 2 minutes left down by more than a field goal I want Tom Brady on my team. That said, both are easily the top two of the last decade on a level of their own.
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Alannis Alannis
Who was the quarterback of the 80's Montana with the rigs or Marino with the Stats. It was Montana everytime asked. Same here, Brady has more rings than Manning and who is individually better is debatable. People can justifiably say Brady has always benefited from a good defense, but at the same time Manning has always had great receivers. When Brady finally got great receivers he was incredible. Manning has had good defenses in the recent years and hasn't been as succesful as Brady was with good defenses in the playoffs. Overall I think they are both great and people are going to side with the guy they like. When I am asked to choose between them I find myself going back and forth season to season which I think shows how great they both are. I would take either of them to start a franchise anyday of the week.
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Trev Trev
If you determine "best" by the number of championships won, then it's Tom Brady. Peyton has had the luxury of having better receivers (Harrison, Wayne) and both have made their offenses better. In the two minute drill, they're equal. I'd have to say Brady is the best, but not by much.
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Reggie Reggie
The final answer to this question was given by the true experts who have been there and done that: all the 20 living Hall of Fame Quarterbacks....and it wasn't close. 13 voted Peyton Manning 2 voted Tom Brady (Elway and Bradshaw) Joe Montana split his vote. Marino, Staubach, Bart Starr and Steve Young said that there was no way to pick any of them. I can't think about anyone who knows better the situation than those who played it, lived it and were the best back then. EDIT: Nice, I get a bunch of thumbs down for letting you know the opinion of people who actually played the game and were the best. Not from those who confortably watch the game from their couch and a bunch of beers, chips and salsa.
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Reggie Originally Answered: A quarterback completed 18 of 24 passes. What percent of the passes did the quarterback complete?
topic: 75% A:1020/60=17 hrs B:$4,780 C:3/2 D:15x8x10=1200 E:120/4=30 30x8=240x8=2000/300=6 2/3 That's all I got right now.

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