What does school really teach you?

What does school really teach you? Topic: How to teach problem solving
July 20, 2019 / By Gretchen
Question: i know that school teaches you how to socialize with people and teach you basic things. but what does it really teach you in life?? school gives equations and literature but it doesn't teach you aboout the real world. how to be a parent make food for a family, how about learning to keep a relationship for a husband or wife? school doesn't teach you the best way to clean your house the best or homestyle life. they have courses about finance but you dont really learn until you try and do it yourself. what happened to the old days where parents were apart of a childs life and raised them right?? our culture is leaving and america is more confused we don't have what we used to, kids dont know how the real world is when they are in school for 1/4 of their life time. right now kids are being "trained" for jobs that dont exist yet because technology is coming so fast....
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Di Di | 9 days ago
School SHOULD teach you how to solve problems. According to Knowledge Taxonomy, the highest level of learning is the ability to apply knowledge to real-world, unpredictable situations.
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Di Originally Answered: Where can I learn science? My school won't teach me anything?
As the previous answer states, if you are really interested in getting ahead, look to enroll in advanced placement science classes when they are offered. Unfortunately, you might have very few options until reaching high-school age when you can start taking science classes for college credit. As far as getting ahead in chemistry, a good high-school level chemistry book and a college level chemistry book would be good to pick up. Lab work at your age isn't necessarily as important, as you won't really learn any concepts in Lab...just reinforce what you've learned in the book and during lecture. Labs are generally used for teaching proper laboratory technique, which becomes important when you're working with milligram quantities and trying to determine percent yields. That being said, there's no reason you can't do some basic chemistry at home. Something kinda fun that I've done before is to make your own aromatic candles by gathering different smelly things (ie. flowers, herbs, fruits) and using different solvents to extract and purify the aromatic components. Unfortunately, this is difficult to do at 'home', because distillation glassware and other specific equipment is required. To sum up - get some text books and do some reading. You'll be way ahead of your classmates if you start getting a handle on the concepts now.

Candyce Candyce
School does teach you about relationships, the entire time attending school is a giant exercise in socialization and getting along with others and how to tolerate those you can't. If anything your primary education should show you the wealth of information that is out there - your primary education is equipping you with the basic tools needed to start actually learning. Quite a daunting proposition when you think of it that way. 12 years of education just to get someone to the point they can now start "learning" a specialized area. And should someone choose not to continue on with their education, a primary education is an attempt to give that person the basic tools to be a functioning, contributing member of society and have a limited but basic understanding of that. Most importantly a primary education should teach students critical thinking. The ability to work through an issue or problem using rational ideas, creativity, and logic. Whether or not the primary education system does this is hotly debated, but in the end it rests in the hands of the student and how willing and open they are to receiving this free education and "basic building blocks" of knowledge.
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Amelie Amelie
well school does train kids to follow along and be part of the crowd do to the **** that school budget are getting cut and the classes like art and music are being taken away and forming mindless kids without common sense and nothing but political correctness
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Walton Walton
just because you choose to socialize in school doesnt mean thats what your supposed to do there you go to school because it says that above all things you bother to show up when you are supposed to. HS is bullshit, but if you dont show up, no one will ever take you seriously
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Walton Originally Answered: Teens do you think school should teach you about the real world?
Hi! I'm in High School just like you are. Duh huh haha, anyways, this is really my own opinion and it's okay if you differ. I think that everything we do in school will help us later in life. Even if it's sitting and listening to your teacher talk about the f(x) variables to World Wars. It all has a reason. Maybe consciously sitting in class you think you're not learning something but you actually are. The time you spend with your friends, help you with social skills and learning how to logically resolve problems around you. Helping your friends, solving problems for homework, running laps in gym, it all has a meaning. I'll tell you something one of my guy friends told me once, it might sound stupid though but he said, I seriously thought school never taught me anything, but one day I'll approach this really hot chick and sound all smart and stuff talking about history stuff I learned in class and walk out of that bar with her. Haha, male fantasies. So think about if you really aren't learning anything and wasting your time in class, it might actually all be worth it. Hope this helped. :)

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