Who has a younger sister who got taller?

Who has a younger sister who got taller? Topic: The sisters short story
June 24, 2019 / By Karena
Question: my story: im the oldest sister its started when i was 15 my little sister was 9: i was 4'11'' with a 32A my sister is 4'6" next year im 16 she is 10: im 5' with a 34A my sister 5'. she grew a lot that year!! next year im 17 she is 11: im 5' with a 36A my sister 5'5" with a 34B next year im 18 she is 12: im 5' with a 38A my sister 5'9" with a 36C next year im 19 she is 13: im 5' with a 38B my sister 5'11" with a 40DD i come up to my sister boobs!!! she grew really fast!! when she has friends over there taller than me too. the shortest one was 5'8" with 38C, my sister was the tallest and her best friend is 5'10" 38DD she is the second tallest. Me: 5' with a 38B My younger sister: 5'5" with 36C My youngest sister: 5'11" with 40DD My mom: 4'11" with 32A 4 of my youngest sister friends: 1.) 5'10 with 38DD 2.) 5'9 with 38D 3.) 5'9 with 36D 4.) 5'8" with 38C
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Happy Happy | 7 days ago
My friend is 19 and she is an inch shorter than her younger sister...she is a 32A (i think) Her sister is 16, and she is an inch taller and she is a 32 B (i think) But either way, her sister has got bigger boobs and height than her.
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