Best type of Visa for my Beijing wife to visit the US. with?

Best type of Visa for my Beijing wife to visit the US. with? Topic: Latest business plan
July 18, 2019 / By Lauryn
Question: We have been married 3.5 years and been living in Beijing, China: she is going to the states on business/pleasure later this year and will be there about 2 weeks. I am aware many would state a visitors/business visa is called for but I am looking for what is best for us. It is not likely we will be moving stateside in the next 5 or more years but I like to be able to have that option if needed. Can she immigrate to the states without me signing an I 139 form? Thank you! Oh yeah, she is going to leave her husband and home in Beijing. Buying a home in Beijing is no small thing to walk away from, we have been married for 3.5 years and I have no intention of moving stateside and said I only wanted to have options open. I actually have a better life here in Beijing than I did in the US of A. Good luck to you!
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Jobeth Jobeth | 5 days ago
Visit US embassy in your area or nearby, access their official site, or call. The best way is to speak with the consulate. You can also try visajourney dot com. There are number of Chinese-American couples in that site who try to get a visa. Many of them are successful in their visa application. The members(contributors) in that site share their experienced such as how to file your paperwork, and so on. Their contribution makes difference to some applicants. They're not expert nor processing paper work for people. They can only give a feedback based in their experienced. They can be insightful, but I recommend you see somebody at US embassy. The best option? I don't know except tourist/business visa or petition her to live in US(work visa, student visa, or whatever). Later on, she should be able to get in and out of the country as opposed to your plan.
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Jobeth Originally Answered: Pending Fiance visa and wanting to go visit my american boyfriend first, what type of visa should i apply to?
If you are a citizen of Portugal, you do not need to apply for a special visa to enter the USA for a visit. You are eligible for "visa waiver" so you can just come to visit. Now, the visa waiver program is always subject to the decision of the immigration officer you meet at the point of entry into the USA. If the officer feels that you are "a risk" to violate the terms of the visa waiver, ie to overstay, then he might refuse to allow you to enter the USA. However if you have not been making too many visits to the USA, and you have a return ticket for 3 weeks later, you most likely will have no problem at all entering the USA.. Also what will my boyfriend need to take for his interview? The US citizen, will apply for a fiancee visa for you. While he will have to submit a package of paperwork to "petition" for you. He will not be interviewed. You in fact will face an interview later at the US consulate in Lisbon to demonstrate that yours is a genuine relationship. We think it is "time to start living together". Sorry, but this visa is for marriage only. Not just for "living together". If you are not seriously intending marriage and a future life together, then the fiancee visa is NOT for you. Wait until marriage is what you want, then apply. Here is how the process works: What you should apply for is called a Fiancee or K1 visa. Once approved your foreign Fiance will be allowed to LEGALLY enter the USA for the purpose of marrying you, then permanently remaining in the USA. There are a lot of details involved. I have recorded a series of videos that explain the process: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=... To summarize. First of all you have a real courtship and relationship and you both intend to get married. Then check that you both meet the eligibility requirements: You are a US citizen. You both are currently 'free to marry'. You earn over $18,400 annual income. You have met each other 'face to face' at least once, during the past two years. You will have to 'prove' that you have a real, genuine, 'bone fide' relationship. You do this by presenting copies of correspondences, photos, letters, plane tickets, etc. You should make sure that you build from the start a solid 'paper trail' of the communications of your relationship. This means itemized telephone records, emails, instant messages, voip calls, snail mail, packages. If you use prepaid telephone cards make sure yours gives you an itemized call list or find a different card to use.. When traveling to visit your fiancee, take plenty of photos, vary the shots, locations, wardrobes. Meet his family, and friends. Document with photos. Turn date stamping on. Don't move too quickly. Couples who instantly fall in love and get engaged or married may be suspected of fraud. Go slowly, build your relationship. Once your relationship gets serious, don't let too much time elapse between trips to meet each other "Face to Face". The longer the separation, the more suspect the relationship is. I recommend travel to meet with your Fiance at least every 6 to 9 months. Once your relationship has progressed, you have made 1 or more trips, and you have abundant proof of your relationship. Then You apply for the visa, to USCIS, Homeland Security. Then about 6 to 8 months later he will be asked to come to the US embassy for his interview. If all goes well he will be granted your visa, come to the USA and you can then marry. Once you marry, he applies for his Green Card and then can remain together with you permanently in the USA. Costs: $340 Fiancee visa filing fee, when You originally apply to USCIS $200 medical exam fee, just prior to his interview $450 Visa application fee, just prior to his interview Best Fred Wahl Matchmaker

Gabriela Gabriela
She does not have an option - she needs a B1/B2 tourist visa. There are no other visas available to her that cover this kind of visit. If you decide to move to the US in the future, you will have to apply for a spouse visa then.
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Davina Davina
If you're living in China and all of your ties are in China and she has no other family members in the U.S., they might issue her a B2. However, if you come with her to the U.S. she will need to come in as your wife. That's just the facts of life. If she enters as a B2 and you immediately attempt to adjust her, she will be found to have had the intent to immigrate upon applying for the B2. She'd need a waiver to have her adjustment approved. And the odds of getting that misrepresentation waiver approved are pretty slim.
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Brenda Brenda
The only visa she can apply for is the B1/B2. In order to get one, she'll have to prove that there's absolutely no chance that she could possibly not want to return and wait for her US citizen husband instead to show up and file for Adjustment of Status. So the chances are not that great.
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Brenda Originally Answered: I was given B-1/B-2 multiple indefinitely visa in 1994 to visit the States. If I want to visit there again,?
B1/B2 is Visitors visa for business or pleasure propose. If you had that visa in 1994, there is big chance it is already expired. B1/B2 visa could be valid for 1 year, 5 year, or sometimes 10 years. The expiration date is written on the visa, if you want to check. You need to apply new one at US Embassy with the proof of strong ties to your country. There is no such thing as automatic renewal on the visa. You must present as many evidence that you would definitely come back after visiting US. That could be ownership of house, property, lease of your house, employment letter from the employer when you are reported back to work after the vacation, or if you are a student, then school schedule and such. http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/types/...

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