Is the U.S. goverment (or any goverment) trying to control our beliefs?

Is the U.S. goverment (or any goverment) trying to control our beliefs? Topic: Find a researcher utah
July 19, 2019 / By Liane
Question: The goverment still wants to deny that Area 51 exist, even though there is plenty of proof. What they are trying to hide from us only shows that they want to control knowledge and not reveal what developments science offers. Some people base their beliefs on what science can tell us. By blocking discoveries that might educate us in certain truths, is the goverment trying to control our beliefs, which might change, if the truths were revealed? Area 51, also known as Dreamland, The Ranch, The Box, Watertown Strip, and Groom Lake, is a 6 mile by 10 mile tract of desert land, located between two mountain ranges 120 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The name 'Area 51' is a nickname supplied by local researchers (the government has no official name and refuses to acknowledge its existence). Popular Mechanics suggested in 1997 that Area 51 was a has-been, and that all the really secret stuff had been moved to "Area 6413" in White Sands, Utah. UFO buffs insist there is no Area 6413.
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Julie Julie | 9 days ago
Government, like most any organization you can think of, is trying to shape your opinion all the time, so yes, they are trying to control our beliefs. Let's look at post 9/11 events; Even though the President himself has said that there is NO connection between Saddam Hussein and 9/11, a December 29 2006 Harris poll found that 41% of Americans believed he did. That's amazing control of what we believe. After being sold on an idea, we hang onto it even in the face of the bare facts...even when the person who sponsored the story recants it. Government is always involved in crafting thought. Recall the litter commercials of the 1970's...the anti-smoking campaigns of recent years...every aspect of government is some way tied to what you think. It's not all bad, but it is how things work.
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Glenys Glenys
The government does not deny the existance of a base where Area 51 is. They deny the "proof" of what others say happens or happened there. Contrary to what you might think, not everything that happens at government bases are for the entire world to know about.
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Despina Despina
Do you really think our government is capable of hiding much of anything? A president can't even keep secret what he ate for dinner. Clinton's sex life was blabbed all over this country and the world. Nixon couldn't hide his involvement in Watergate. You give our government too much credit.
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Cammie Cammie
Oh, come on... You're talking about an entity that DOES exist, that DOES try to control our beliefs, on a forum such as "R&S", where intangible and unprovable Religious beliefs run rampant??? (Better watch out, or "crimsonandclover" is gonna get'cha, gonna get'cha now!) At any rate, it's Hotter in Vegas than it ever will be in the "kitchen", or in "Hell"!!!
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Amalea Amalea
I don’t think so. I think that are government is pretty fair with regard to letting us believe what we want. Are you a member of some kind of militia? As for countries besides the U.S., I don't know.
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Government is inherently unfair. Abolish welfare and other government aid programs, which are ridiculous, useless, wasteful, and a form of slavery. These types of 'public assistance' are best left to the private sector which can more effectively provide such assistance without ulterior motives. You could stop paying taxes as a petition for redress, though this subject is still unanswered by the Supreme Court. See: http://www.givemeliberty.org/RTPLawsuit/InfoCenter.htm

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