Please give me some advice on my relationship?

Please give me some advice on my relationship? Topic: How to write a letter to your boyfriend in prison
June 26, 2019 / By Lorri
Question: I'm in love with this man. I give him everything no matter what, my heart, my soul my everything is all his. I'm 20 and he's 24. We met dec 19, 2009 and hooked up jan 1, 2010. I let him move in 2weeks later. He treats my baby girl like shes his own. I bought some clothes for his son and pay my boyfriend cellphone bill every month and he gave me passwords to his yahoo, myspace, facebook and his cellphone. I keep his phone close by myside and I always answer his phone. He told me he loves me and I told him the same. I lied and told him i was pregnant in june before he went to prison for burgaly he gets out next summer. He wrote me a letter telling me what to put on his books and all the things he needed, we talk every night on the phone. he tells me he misses me and he wants to get married and wants to change his ways and stop doing crystal meth, I used it before I met him . He told me about his ex he left me for he said shes broke and he doesn't want her anymore. I heard my boyfriend called her one late night in april at 1:51am asking her how she doing? She ask why was he calling her? He said to tell her she has mail over to his mom house because she use to live with his mom. but he called her that late just to tell her that what up with that? and why would he call her? He told me that i'm the best he ever had and he found better when he first met me...she's jealous and he will never look her way again because she doesn't shower and she ain't sh!t. If she tries to even get back with him she will never have a change anyway he treated her like sh!t he didn't like her he said he treated her like that because he was on drugs. we are in love. He loves taking pictures with my little girl. He can have everything he wants and he knows that. His is 29 ex girlfriend, smart, accomplished and beautiful. I don't understand what was the problem in his relationship with her? I'm the sh!t because he says i am. We do things as a family like he wants. Don't youthink he done better being with me???
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Kathi Kathi | 8 days ago
Don't worry about trying to compare yourself to any of his ex's. If he's with you now and says you're the best, then that's all that matters. If he only called her once, and you heard him tell her it was because of mail, then thats all you can really worry about--if it was that late and he didn't know you were listening, he wouldnt have lied about why he was calling, so he was probably telling her the truth. If you can't trust him though, it's not worth it. If you feel like you NEED to have his passwords and to check his phone all the time, thats not good.. If you guys want to be happy though and do the best for your children, then the drugs and crime have to stop...thats not the kind of environment to be raising them in. Hopefully he is serious when he says he wants to turn his life around. Also, it's great that you are willing to give him everything and do all sorts of things for him...but make sure you are getting something in return too. The relationship should be mutual. Don't let him use your love for him as a means to get what he wants.
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Kathi Originally Answered: Relationship advice: Dumped 1 month before we're together again after long distance relationship?
even if you are correct and all the feelings DO come flooding back truth is, she cannot for what ever reason sustain a LDR so she will have these feelings after summer is over and you are apart again no one can live with those Rollercoaster of emotions, you or her and one of the guys she hooks up with she WILL have deep feelings for where would that leave you? where you are now miles away and heartbroken
Kathi Originally Answered: Relationship advice: Dumped 1 month before we're together again after long distance relationship?
She has each precise to flow on. Relationships replace and evolve. She shouldn't stay with you out of guilt or because of the fact which you're forcing her. She met somebody else and spent a great form of time with him. in spite of you had is not any longer in her coronary heart. She could or will possibly no longer desire to return returned to you yet for now it appears that evidently she is not any longer fascinated contained in the courting and the extra you hang to it the scarier that's for her. no person needs a stalker. you're no longer married. You have been relationship and she or he left and altered. enable her flow and flow on. i'm constructive you do love her yet attempting to hold directly to somebody that would not look to love you the comparable way isn't stable for the two of you.

Héloïse Héloïse
Depends, does she also seek answers for her meaningful relationship with a coked out con who she told she was pregnant as some kind of sick and twisted emotional test from strangers on the internet? If not, you may wish to reconsider your life choices honey.
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Dympna Dympna
well here is the thing i think hes with you because of the money, i mean your paying his phone bill and everything snd he is not putting effort you know. i think you could do better than that, hope you find the right guy for you .
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Dympna Originally Answered: Advice on my relationship plz?
I dont think you should let go until he gives you a reason to let go. Him "changing" his style for her is a big warning flag of course, but perhaps thats the motivation you need to just do something. I know jobs are tough (I'm having a hard time finding one thats worth it myself), but if you really stay home all day, then learn a skill that WILL get you employed. Nothing is impossible now on the internet if you look hard enough. Or you can go back to school in a area that definitely will hire (like medical field). My mom came from overseas with practically nothing, married some guy, had 2 kids and had to divorce this alcoholic, abusive, gambler when we were like 5 or 6 years old. She had to pay rent & support two kids working on less than minimum wage as a seamstress in a factory. At nighttime, she studied nursing in the apartment so she could have a better job, but I'll always remember how poor we were. One particular night, for dinner we had white rice and sauce, thats it. She was crying and apologizing to us cause there was nothing in the fridge. After a while, she became a LPN(licensed practical nurse), which makes about $40k now, and then shortly after she became a RN(registered nurse)which makes $60k+ depending on field. I think its been 19 years now, and it makes sense since I'm 25, and she owns a multifamily building in nyc. Her assets are probably close to 1.3 million if she sold everything including stocks she owns....and it all started because she wanted a better life for herself and her kids. So maybe this will motivate you to do something in your spare time, to be better for yourself and your kid, not for the guy...just in case anything does happen. Happy mothers day.

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