How can i lose weight?

How can i lose weight? Topic: Insulin case store
June 16, 2019 / By Burney
Question: im thinking about 10 -15 pounds. I am a ballerina, and i do have to be picked up and stuff. i'm 5 feet, 110 pounds, i know im not fat, and im not gonna turn anorexic any good foods/ diet ideas / ways to stay on a diet ?
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Aldine Aldine | 2 days ago
Try to note what you eat, when and why and to find when you eat by hunger and when you eat by anxiety. Try to maintain the stomach full (liquids or food). Consume little food but more often to stabilize the level of glucose and to avoid the sugar fall which starts the appetite. The carbohydrates are good but misleading. The simple ones, as sugar, help to reduce the feeling of hunger but the effect is limited. The complexes, like pasta, potatoes and rice, take more time to produce energy and control the hunger longer. Eat slowly. The relay between the stomach and the brain takes approximately 20 minutes to receive the message of satiety. To chew gently and lengthily before swallowing contributes to this process. Drink a large glass of water before the meals and small mouthfuls between the dishes. Avoid the inhibitors of the appetite. In general they contain amphetamines which excite the nervous system, can increase the blood pressure and increase the appetite with their stop. Do not jump off the meals: The body must be fed regularly. To jump a meal goes against the line because each meal supposes energy expenditure. If one rather introduces the same quantity of food in three times than into two, one consumes a third of calories moreover. If one eats regularly and without excess, the body uses this energy immediately but if a heavy meal is had, especially the night, it stores a part in the reserves. The regular catches avoid the nibbling and the discharges of insulin, the hormone which stimulates the appetite. It is not wise to mislead the stomach with a biscuit or another sugar refinery because that is paid in the balance. One directly sends these in-cases in the body storage and one can produce presence of sugar in blood with anarchistic insulin secretions. The experiments showed that the activity of sugar in the body - slow sugars like bread, pasta , rice- or rapids (sugar, jam, chocolate, etc) - depends less in their nature that in the way in which they are consumed: alone or during a meal. The ration of sugar essential to the body must be consumed at table and like ingredient of a meal and not outwards to satisfy a desire.
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Aldine Originally Answered: Why do people say you don't lose weight by starving yourself? i did it and lost weight?
People say that starving yourself does not make you lose weight because when most people think of losing "weight" they're actually thinking of losing "fat". This concept comes from two different scientific facts: 1. When you starve yourself your body goes into starvation mode and most people do not have the will to not eat at all so when your body does receive caloric intake it stores every single one of them possible. Your metabolism slows immensely and you burn off none of your intake. So when they give up on their "diet" They usually plump up quick sometimes even heavier than they originally were. 2. In starvation mode your body looks for energy and calories from within. Protein is the best source of those calories so the "weight" you lose first comes mostly from lean muscle mass. It takes a lot of determination to make it past the point of most of your lean muscle literally being eaten by your body to the point where it will turn to the fat that is there for energy. By this time, as you said, you will find yourself lethargic a lot. The best way to lose fat is a CHANGE of diet and addition of exercise. 4-5 low calorie meals per day based on your caloric intake needs (based on age, sex, height, amount of exercise, and current weight) divided by 4-5 of lean proteins such as chicken or fish, high fiber, and good carbs such as citrus fruits, apples, or any vegetables is ideal. This will make your metabolism run like a furnace and your intake of proteins will immediately be used for protein muscle synthesis leaving only the fat in your body to be burned to suffice your energy needs. In addition, for every pound of muscle you gain your body has the potential to burn an additional 50 calories per day which can add up pretty quickly considering people have the potential to put on 1-2 pounds of muscle per week up to a plateau that occurs with no weight training about a month after exercise has begun. I hope I answered your question sufficiently! =]
Aldine Originally Answered: Why do people say you don't lose weight by starving yourself? i did it and lost weight?
you can lose weight by starving yourself but it won't do any good. when you eat a meal after you starve yourself if stores about ten times more weight. your body goes into starvation every three hours and so the equivalent of your "little piece of gum" that is lets say ten calories, five maybe actually adds up to be around 100. why don't you just eat something and be healthy? because even though you are feeling good about yourself and how you look on the outside it will come back to bite you because you are neglecting the inside of your body! your poor little heart is trying to pump all this blood throughout your body and you aren't giving it energy to do so! lose weight the healthy way. and the healthiest way to lose weight is to eat a LITTLE less junk and more veggies and exercise at least an hour to half hour a day. stop torturing your body.
Aldine Originally Answered: Why do people say you don't lose weight by starving yourself? i did it and lost weight?
ok well no one says you can't lose weight...you can lose a lot of weight you lose a lot of muscle weight not fat. Starving yourself your body actually stores fat so that you can stay alive. It's not safe or healthy to starve yourself and once you start eating normal again you will gain it back maybe a little more cause your body is gonna store all the fat it can get in case you starve yourself again. If you want to lose weight and keep it of without the risk of dying then starving yourself is not the way to go. Yeah it might seem to work at first but it doesn't last soon you'll get all bloated and look fat like the starving kids you see on tv. I personally would never want to look like that or do damage to my body eating away at it's muscles and shutting down to just stay alive. If you want to lose weight eat right, drinks lots of water and get active.

Symphony Symphony
http://weightlossweightloss.blogspot.com... --Eat more fiber -- Eat more fruits and vegetables --Increase your protein intake-- --Eat smaller, more frequent meals-- --Replace white rice, bread, and pasta with brown rice and whole-grain products-- --Drink more water-- Most important-----Do not skip meals--
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Symphony Originally Answered: Is there another way for me to lose weight?
Well it all determines how badly you want to lose weight and devote yourself to it and not giving in.. It is a mental life change to your life, smaller portions, regular exercise and the very badly feeling you have you want to shed those pounds for good. think of junk food as the enemy that helped put that weight on you and it takes time and strong mind power but you can do it, i did long ago after my last kid and lost over 80 lbs by making up a food diary and what i could eat every day and made a box with check marks i would put in beside the food i could have. The same with exercise it was a have to, even if it was really late i couldn't sleep unless i did my workout..The weight slowly came off and when it did it was thrilling buying smaller clothes and taking pictures of the new shrinking me:) I had my starting picture taped to the fridge to help me even more. I cut out pop it makes you bloated, drink Crystal light, the more water the better.. I could get you down to your desired weight, but no pills or laxatives "HUGE NO NO" You can do this if you really want a healthy body but how much do you? I bet a lot..just tell yourself i am ready and want to be a different me and you can do it and keep it off the rest of your life, go for it!!!!
Symphony Originally Answered: Is there another way for me to lose weight?
If it makes you feel any better, I'm 19 and I weigh 214. And I was diagnosed with prediabetes, so I'm in the process of losing weight so I don't develop Type 2 diabetes. Losing weight takes time!! So keep eating healthy and working out, and the pounds will come off. Walking is a gentle exercise, so maybe you can try doing that. I used to be very skinny too (I was underweight), and my doctor said gaining weight was a must. Good luck, and don't give up :) Just be thankful that you're not 300, 400 lbs.

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