How do they do the spoilers thing on IMDB?

How do they do the spoilers thing on IMDB? Topic: synopsis of an article
June 26, 2019 / By Finbarr
Question: For an example: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0758730/faq I looked through the source code but I can't seem to figure out how they did it. Can anyone tell me the code to do this? I'd like to incorporate something similar in my blog.
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Daren Daren | 2 days ago
There is a unique anchor tag around each answer. Each spoiler answer's unique anchor tag is probably added to a style sheet, or something similar to that. My web design is rusty, but there is probably a javascript function that lifts the spoiler image when the cursor is over it (onMouseOver event). There are some style sheets and javascript files referenced in the web page's HTML document head section, you could pull them in and see what they do. ADDED: BTW, as a registered IMDB contributor, I was reading on how to add a synopsis to an article, and came across their instructions for manually noting spoilers: "Spoilers: here's a big secret! [spoiler]Spoiler text[/spoiler] Note: Since we are encouraging contributors to include every plot point of a title, the top of each Synopsis page will have a spoiler warning prominently featured. Thus, the use of this spoiler code is strictly optional, and should be used only when it is absolutely necessary to do so, such as when spoiling the plot point of a different movie." So, they must have an application server that processes these [spoiler]spoil_text[/spoiler] proprietary tags by turning them into the anchor tags I discussed above and using javascript to control their appearance. I would guess that they use JSPs to detect these tags and do this automatically. If you can hunt down the stle sheet and javascript code in the referenced files, you could probably add it manually to your web page and it would function.
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It means that the name in parentheses is what the credits have that person listed as...for example (this is completely random and isn't an example from the site itself). Ashlee Simpson married and is now Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. That is the name that her info is listed under. So you are on the page for the actress "Ashlee Simpson-Wentz." In her list of films, you see she starred in "Hot Chick." Since she was not married at the time, the credits for HOT CHICK will have her listed as just Ashlee Simpson so therefore, it will be HOT CHICK...Jane Doe (Ashlee Simpson). I put Jane Doe b/c imdb.com is down for me so I couldn't check out here character's correct name. The first answerer was right but I thought I'd just give another example. Basically it boils down to if the credited name for that specific film is different from how imdb has her listed, it goes in parentheses.
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It means that she was billed as Clea Duvall incorrectly on the cast list instead of Clea DuVall as it should be written with the capital V.
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They mean that the actor Clea DuVall played as Georgina Tuskin. I really don't understand the (as Clea Duvall) part.

Azaziah Azaziah
A simple way to do it would be JavaScript. It's very similar to a show/hide script, except you use onMouseOver() instead of onClick().
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