Is this a stupid kekkei genkai?

Is this a stupid kekkei genkai? Topic: Chakra papers
June 16, 2019 / By Caelie
Question: Okay, I don't want to hear how stupid this is but I have to prove a point to my brother. My brother and I are Narutards and he asked me to think of a kekkei genkai I would want if I were in the Naruto universe. First, I had thought of a kekkei genkai where a person can manipulate metal of any kind. The draw backs are that you'd have to mold it with your hands and tools (unlike Magneto who can manipulate it with is mind or whatever). Also, the harder the metal and the more raw (like iron ore or something) it takes more time and chakra to manipulate. On the same note, I couldn't make the metal harder than it naturally was (like Konan with her paper kunai). Another draw back is that I couldn't change the volume of the amount of metal. Example: I could take a kunai and turn it into a full-sized tank. I thought it was pretty cool with fair drawbacks. My brother says that is unfair and cheap (that's code for "I didn't think of it so it's retarded") Now, HIS kekkei genkai was the ability to think really fast. He says the draw back is that it would use a lot of chakra. Are you serious? First off, what kind of dumbass kekkei genkai is that? That would be about as awesome as a sand-nin having the kekkei genkai to control jelly fish. Besides, thinking quickly is something you can train yourself to do. He says it's an awesome kekkei genkai and better than my idea. I think he's crazy. What do you think? Okay okay. Baby biotch is crying that I skewed the hell out of it so here are his words exactly: It would be like it would come instantly to you and you wouldn't have to sit and strategize. He says it's NOT the same as pregognition or like Shikamaru. He thinks I'm lying but he WILL NOT come over here and read it for himself or what I'm putting now or let me edit it. You know why? Because he can't admit that he has a stupid idea. He can't admit that he ripped off someone's ability. Face up to it! rawr! It's always like this!
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Alma Alma | 5 days ago
I like your idea for a kekkai genkai, it definetly original and fairly cool. The girl could mold a kunai into shuriken or vice versa, you know what I mean. Thinking really fast seems like a Shikamaru or Temari knock off, sorry but that's reality (holy crap I sound like Neji)
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Uzziel Uzziel
It's great but in my honest opinion, i think you need to be a bit more creative. Ok, you and your brother inspired me to create my own Kekkei Genkai. This is a dojutsu. Its called kagamigan. The kagami-gan is like a mirror (the other side of a mirror is said to be a parallel universe) that captures the image of your opponent. This is where your parallel counterpart (you control it with your chakra) starts to beat up your opponent's "reflection" but the damage that the "reflection" takes goes directly to the "real" opponent. Your counterpart is not visible to your opponent but it is to you. It will be hard to defeat other dojutsu user because they will be able to sense your chakra. Draw back: Takes up alot of chakra (depends on what your "counterpart" does) Your counterpart's reflection can be seen on a mirror. This dojutsu seems unstoppable (and unfair) because its very rare (like the rinnengan).
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Rolly Rolly
"Is this a stupid kekkei genkai?" "Okay, I don't want to hear how stupid this is but I have to prove a point to my brother." ohh the irony...
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Millard Millard
Ur brother just copied his idea off Shikamaru. His idea isn't much good as it already exists! LOL, nice competition. I like your idea, but are you sure tanks exist in the world of Naruto???
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