Im overweight and have a serious problem with eating too much.Any tips on how to stop overeating?

Im overweight and have a serious problem with eating too much.Any tips on how to stop overeating? Topic: How to write am pm times
July 19, 2019 / By Haylee
Question: Im 23. Im 5'3 and about 240lbs. Im so disgusted with myself. I use to be 130lbs and felt great. I find myself eating JUNK all the time (Fast food-chips-fried food), Iv even gotten to the point where I don't care anymore. I tell myself, Iv gained this much weight, whats another 5lbs. Its really messed up. I want to loose weight, and I know I need to eat WAY less, and healthier then Im eating now. Any tips on how to eat less? -Thank You.
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Dorinda Dorinda | 3 days ago
l. Eat smaller portions every 3-4 hours. 2. Use a smaller plate--eg. bread & butter plate instead of a dinner plate--and fill that up. There will be less food on the smaller plate. 3. Drink a glass of water BEFORE every meal or snack. Your body can not distinguish between hunger & thirst. 4. Eat protein with every meal or snack. 5. Walk to shop, school, around the neighborhood--at least 30 minutes each day. 6. Do you have access to a pool? Swimming is great exercise for overweight people with knee and foot problems. 7. Eat at home and prepare your own food. Do not add salt or sugar to your food. 8. Eat veggies & fruits for meals and snacks after 4 pm; complex carbs--eg. potatoes & oatmeal &corn before 4 pm. 9. Do you skip breakfast? DONT DO IT. In fact, don't skip any meal or snack. 10. Find a "buddy" to walk/ swim/ run/ play tennis/ squash with. One of your friends that will be positive about your weight loss efforts. 11. Set small specific achievable goals for yourself and write them down. eg. I will walk 30 minutes 2x (pick two days to insert here) at 7:00 pm. l2. Reward yourself for meeting that stated goal with ANYTHING BUT FOOD. eg, lipstick, makeup, movie night (rental) 13. Get involved with a team sport that you enjoy--eg. basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer. Bring your walking "buddy" so you will know someone and can do things together and develop new interesting conversations. l4. Do not put "junk" food in your grocery cart. If you leave it on the shelf and don't bring it into your home you will not be tempted to "munch" on it. l5. Chew "sugarless" gum when a "junk food" attack hits. Or less than 3 hours since you have eaten a snack or meal. l6. Drink LOTS of water. Approximately 100 ounces throughout the day 17. Get enough sleep and quality sleep. Do not try to change these things all at one time. Take one suggestion that is DOABLE--eg. walking the neighborhood 2 x a week and do that for 2 or 3 weeks then add another DOABLE goal--eg. drinking x oz of water through the day--does not have to be 100 oz. Start with l6 oz. Then in a couple of days add l6 oz. until you're drinking 100 oz.
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Dorinda Originally Answered: Please help! I can't stop eating. I'm eating as I'm typing this. I'm broke from spending all my $ on junk food
hi, first let me say how brave you are for coming out and seeking advise. this had to be incredibly hard and i appauled you because this shows that you want to change your life style. i would like you to sit and think when this all started that you would eat so much. it stemed from something. you said that you gained 100lbs in two years. what happened to make you do that? that is the first step to understanding why you eat so much. a bgreat way to get started is to write in a journal. that will help you so whatever you are feeling will go on paper and not in your mouth. you have understand that this all came from something that happened to you, and until you deal with that, you can not move on. when you understand why you eat so much, try simple things like walking around your living room for 15 to 20 minutes every day. i know you can do this if you just believe in yourself. junk food is so bad for you as you know, but cheap so many people do that. you know, you do not give yourself any credit. seriously, you are asking for help so you can live better, that is a huge step!!!! you need to go see a doctor and i think you know that but are scared. but there is only so much you can do without professionl help. it is ok to be nervous, and scared but i really truly know you can do this. again, get a journal if you do not already have one, and write in it everytime you feel like it. write about waht made you happy, mad sad, whatever. then close with something positive. you need to try to think more positive about yourself. so, instead of saying " I can't quit junk food altogther or eat moderately", say, in all captial letters, " I WILL TRY TO GET BETTER NOT JUST TO LOOSE WEIGHT, BUT TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT WHO I AM!!!! instead of thinking there is only one solution, think outside the box. like, " i can not do hevy lifting, but i can walk around my living room" you will be surprised how far you will go with this attitude. they may seem like simple things, but you will never know unless you try. that is the key word-try! you have a very low self esteem and that has come across from your question! please read what i said very carefully and print it out if you want for inspiration and put it somewhere you will look at every day!! you are going to need help, so please do it! do it for yourself because you are beautiful and deserve to be happy, loved and appreciated.

Cate Cate
first of all, maybe you dont need to eat less, u mite just need to eat healthier. Alot of people probably say this but think about what your eating and how it will turn out if you eat it. Also, keep distracted from eating, if you eat when you are bored then join some groups, do somthing to keep busy. Also figure out why you are eating more, are u sad, or again just bored. And again come up with distractions from whatever you are feeling so you dont think about it. Also try diets, the can really help, or make up your own diet starting out small, like getting some things for at home that arn't junk food. Or try just taking away something unhealthy and replaceing it with somthing that is healthy. Hope that helps!
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Annabell Annabell
Try grazing throughout the day instead of eating full meals because it can help build up your metabolism which could help you burn calories easier and it wont make you super full but will keep you from starving. Or just eat enough to the point were your not hungry. You could also try those bars that you eat and they keep you full for a while. And make sure your busy so you wont need to fill your time with food but focus on something else. And everytime you feel like your about to over eat, think of what you could look like if you didnt keep eating or imagine yourself in a healthy body and encourage your sister too! Dont worry, you can do this :)
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Winslow Winslow
Well stop eating junk food all the time moderate and drink lots of water no more fried food! Stop eating thank you for sharing your story because i wanted to eat but now i dont thanks =) omg i have been there done that i was on the computer talking to people saying how fat i was yet i was eating some chocolate lol for real though hahahaha just stop i will do the same k =) ohh yeah and instead of eating chew gum k =)
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Shamer Shamer
Try to find like a healthy snack that you really, really, really like and roll with it! Also whenever you want that junk food, just think of how nice and pretty you'll look if you don't eat it! Also, you could join a gym or exercise at home, it'll speed up weight loss and keep you toned. Good luck! (:
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Shamer Originally Answered: Why can't I stop eating?
On average, people eating reasonable portions of balanced meals get hungry about every three to five hours. Check the balance of foods you eat. Refined carbohydrates like white rice, baked goods and most crackers or pretzels are processed by the body fairly quickly. That means that blood sugars go up and back down rapidly, tending to leave you hungry again within two hours. Whole-grain breads and cereals are processed more slowly and may leave you satisfied longer. Studies show that hunger is satisfied longer when a meal or snack includes a small amount of protein. That doesn't have to mean meat. Protein is also found in milk, cheese, yogurt, tofu and other soy products, eggs, nuts, seeds and dried beans. Also, vegetables and fruits are missing from many Americans' meals, yet they provide bulk that can help satisfy hunger. Have you let a low fat diet get too low in fat? Fat leaves the stomach very slowly, so a small amount of fat in a meal keeps hunger satisfied. If your goal is weight loss, excess hunger could be a sign that you've cut your calories too low or that you are pushing to reach a weight that is too low for you. Finally, consider this: Are you actually physically hungry all the time, or do you simply feel like eating? Eating when you're not hungry can mean that eating has become a habit for coping with boredom, procrastination or stress. If this is the case for you, the key is to develop ways to handle these situations without food. If you address all these possibilities and still feel hungry all the time, talk with your physician. Constant hunger not related to any of these factors could be due to medication or a medical problem that needs attention.

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