What rights does a dead beat father have?

What rights does a dead beat father have? Topic: Mental case support
June 25, 2019 / By Jesca
Question: My child's father has not been in his life for over 4 years. While we were together he was an okay father, meaning he gave basic care to our son, and never physically hurt him. However, he was an alcoholic and was abusive to me. He did not provide for our child financially and avoided any responsibility for him if he could. Eventually i left him for good, but with hopes that he would straighten his life out and be able to be a part of our sons life. For years I tried to accommodate him and give him the chance to see his son as much as he was willing. Unfortunately, he began to abuse drugs and never gave up drinking. I decided to move out of state so i could go to college, and i did so with the fathers permission. After moving he called sporadically (once every 4-5 months) but never did anything else no birthday cards, Christmas presents, etc. I never once asked for child support because i knew he was not financially able. All i asked of him was that he call regularly or at least write our son a letter once a month, because i did not want him to come in and out of his life. I even brought him 1000 miles to see him. He had not seen our son in 6 months, and he could only make available 4 hours of time (he had no job) but he said he had plans. When I did drop my son off with my ex's mother so he could see him, his mom ended up calling the cops after 2 hours and I had to go pick my son up. I did not hear from my ex for approximately 4 months after this happened, and then maybe 3 times the year after that. I decided to cut off all contact with him, because my son was suffering emotionally from all of this. Since I have done this my son has improved completely he is happy and stable. Now after 6 months of hearing nothing again my ex is demanding that I bring my son for visitation this Christmas. He does not have a job, house, or car, he lives with his girlfriends family. Am I legally obligated to grant him visitation or does he have to take me to court? Would he have any chance of winning visitation in a court case? I do not want to keep my son away from his father, but I do not want him to be exposed to things like drugs, alcohol, and violence. I just want to know my rights. FYI My ex's mother called the cops on my ex because he was drunk and acting violent.
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Florette Florette | 3 days ago
he does have rights because he is the biological father but he would have a very slight chance of winning the case if what you said is true but it also depends on what he has against you. also the defense attorney could say you have mental issues for staying with an alcoholic/drug addict for so long. so if you do go to court get a good lawyer and good luck, the best to you.
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Florette Originally Answered: How do i find my kids dead beat dad?
well, the honor system sure doesnt work.. and that why they have all of these child support laws. the states are tired of parents who dont pay for their kids. 1) his license is already revoked; it will haunt him sooner or later, for all of the states are finally becomeing connected via computers, thus not issuing new licenses to those whom are revoked elsewhere. 2) being 1 million in the system; we all are. but its the squeek that gets the oil if you know what i mean. 3) hiding his assets; they ALL do that trick... and work under the table too. report his *** to the IRS (in writing-his name, last known address, ss number and your suspect his working under the table/hiding money). they will be able to find him and dig into his money... they can find if his expenses exceed his income. 4) most everything is probably in new wife's name (because she wants him to screw children), so thats beating a dead horse. maybe one day they will let us sue these women for that, but til then, nothing. not only that, but since his credit is trashed from the arrears being reported on them (all 3 major reporting agencies), he couldnt get a house by himself if he tried. 5) write your regional Federal Child Support Office. attn it to the director and send it via fax only. that way, it goes directly to the desk of the director. write a short letter (include you name, contact info, case number, his arrears amount, and his last known address. tell of his actions (hiding funds, everything in wifes name, moving from state to state) and ask them how to get an interstate warrent and him picked up. ask what they are doing about it. attention and send a copy to the regional office where he resides also (so put both directors names/fax numbers on it). 6) always (ALWAYS) send letters via fax. it gets addressed, (and faster too) and its proof that it was sent/recieved. when things are faxed, they apply heat to the case, and they HAVE to respond. it is now a federal offense to cross state line to avoid child support. 7) write the same kind of letter to your states Attorney General. all of their fax numbers are online, so just go to your states website and find it. if not, call them and ask for it. this too will put some heat on the case. dont forget to tell them where he is/his last address. send a fax to that states Attorney General as well. Fax these attorney generals at least once a month (with a copy of your last letter to them) asking them the status of the case. 8) contact your local Legal Aid Office. every state has them and are in most counties. they go on a sliding scale so its free to most. look in the phone book, call your county court clerks office or your states Bar Assoc for the number. make an appointment and go. 9) contact supportkids. maybe they could have some luck. i have heard mixed reviews about them. 10) open the phone book and find a PI in his area (or last area where he was... to track him). tell him you need proof of his working and a written report. offer him 25% or more of what ever you get to do this for you. some actually will do it. send this report to everyone; IRS, attorney generals, case workers, regional federal CS offices. that % is worth it, besides, it beats getting nothing. 11)when they throw his azzz in jail, they will keep him until wifey-poo (or his family or friends) come with a chunk of cash. its the sack lift, cheek spread and a bed for him til then. 12) post his deadbeat face on a deadbeat site online. keep the heat on. keep writing letter and squeek'n til they get so tired of it, they hunt him down just to shut you up. :) http://www.wantedposters.com/deadbeats_u... http://www.deadbeatjustice.com/list.htm http://www.divorcelawinfo.com/ http://www.divorcelawinfo.com/calculators.htm http://www.helpyourselfdivorce.com/child-support-calculators.html http://www.divorcehq.com/deadbeat.html http://www.lawchek.com/Library1/_books/domestic/qanda/childsupp.htm http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/oro/regions/acf_regions.html http://www.acf.dhhs.gov/programs/cse/ http://www.acf.hhs.gov/programs/region2/index.html http://www.supportkids.com/ http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc422.html http://www.irs.gov/faqs/faq4-5.html http://www.irs.gov/localcontacts/index.html http://www.singlemoms.org/info/main.htm http://www.singlemotherresources.com/ http://www.angelfire.com/nj4/njcomputerchick http://www.parentswithoutpartners.org/chapterfind.asp http://www.mowaa.org/ http://modestneeds.org/ http://freecycle.org/
Florette Originally Answered: How do i find my kids dead beat dad?
SOMEONE has to jump in here and come to your defense! I don't know WHY you're getting so many negative comments about this question. My ex-husband never paid any child support for our two daughters after we divorced after 11 years of marriage. I've never been able to collect any money from him either, and now that our youngest is 19, he's starting to call again, creating problems and putting our older daughter in a panic thinking he may come around and try to kidnap her children (he kidnapped our younger daughter and took her out of state during our divorce - took me months to get her back). Even though I can still go after him, I don't think we'll ever see any money and he owes well over $40,000 as well. To educate those foul-mouthed people spewing all that hatred and ignorance: a dead-beat dad is an absent parent (divorced or not) who is LEGALLY RESPONSIBLE for paying child support but who skips out on paying. It is NOT someone who had a one-night stand with a loose woman he picked up at a bar. Those of you who've answered and were so rude to this asker owe her an apology!!!

Darina Darina
even if you went to court, being the child's father automatically enables him visitation rights. if you do not feel comfortable leaving the child alone with him (and i completely understand why) you have the right to have an officer of some sort staying with them both and watching out for the child. i believe you can just contact your local police station (or the one where your ex lives) and ask to have an officer be present at all times just in case.
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Bliss Bliss
this is interior the suited interest of the toddler to appreciate the two mum and dad, consequently toddler help money and visitations are separate. Legally he has each and every suited to verify his infants despite if he on no account pays a dime you could take him to courtroom many times to attempt and get the money they are going to finally garnish his wages.
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Bliss Originally Answered: Dead beat dad signed up for marines.i have a IMPORTANT question. PLEASE HELPP?
Yeah you can get paid. Contact the recruiting center he is working with, it will be your best bet!

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