My mother saw me cutting myself. please read this?

My mother saw me cutting myself. please read this? Topic: How to write a good faith marriage letters
July 20, 2019 / By Laurene
Question: well i went in the bathroom, and got out a pair os siciccors, and just started grazing my arm with them. nothing bad, it didn't bleed or anything, just enough to make a little red mark. well i thought the door was locked, but apparently not, and she like flipped. i mean flipped. she said she was gonna strip me from everything, and take away my friends, phone, computer, iPod, camera, and put me in a coucler thing. i do NOT want that to happen. in a way, i stopped. i only did it like once every week or two, and i've only been doing it for like a month. she thinks it's for attention. it if really was, why would i go to such great lenghts to hide my arm. i tried to get help from some of my friends, they did help me too. i even call this suicildal helpline thing sometimes. but she thinks it's my one friend that makes me do this, because she thinks she turned me all emo. i mean really, come one, she didn't. i was like this on my own. and she's also Bi-sexual, so she thinks shes influencing me on that too. I actually am, but i decided that on my own, she just made me realise it more. and like idk. i'm so stressed. i just hate living where we life. it's a f**king basement. her husband is mental and beats her and stuff, and just what i've seen and heard over the years has gotten me kinds messed in the head. this has been going on for 10 years. and i just had my fill of it all. she even is trying to make me transfer schools because she doesn't want me around my friend. but honesly, she's like my savior sometimes. she helps me alott, and i can talk to her about almost anything. i really don't want her being wrongly accused of something i did on my own.. and i don't want to talk to a counceler. maybe if my mom could just listen and atleast try to understand what i have to say. and the thing is too, when she asked why i did it, i didn't know. i mean, it does make you feel better, but it's like how does infliicting pain on yourself make you better? idk, but ti does. and i've been trying to stop. in a way, i'm glad she found out, i jsut didn't want her to flip like she did. i don't want the help, i don't need it. as of right now, i realise i can do this on my own. i've talked to other people, and their lifes were much worse than mine, and that's made me stop alot. i've only done it like a few times, she thinks it's been going on for a while, but it hasn't. COULD ANYONE THAT DOES OR USED TO CUT PLEASE EXPLAIN IN YOUR ANSWER WHY WE DO IT, AND WHY IT'S HARD TO STOP, AND HOW THIS ISN'T FOR ATTENTION. i would love for someone to get that point across to my mother, because when i get the right answer, i'm going to show this to her. please. and my dad also has stuff to do with this. he always tells me how i was the biggest mistake of his life and stupid sh*t. i already think this myself, i don't need to be constantly reminded about it. and idk. that's kinda also why i've been doing bad in school. and all i want in life right now, is to move back to where i used to be eith my friends, leave all this behind, dtay in the schol i'm in now, get good grades, and just be happy once more. so many times i'd cry myself to sleep at night with no one eeven knowing. all i want if for someone, ANYONE to understand me, and how i feel. i'm a very fragile person, and i don't need any of you commenting on how i'm stupid for doing thiss, and that i'm an emo cutting freak. please leave the comments to yourself. i just want someone to explain if you understand how i feel, or have been in the same sitiatuon as me. and also i go to a catholic schooll, and i'm athiest. and i think if maybe i stop thinking the way i am, maybe faith will also help me change my perspective on life..? idunno. and about the whole bi-Sexual thing, from what she says about my friend that is, it just makes me feel worse too, because i actually am, but just never told her. and that just makes me feel like worse of a person too, and stuff.
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Jo Jo | 1 day ago
you need to talk to her nicely. If that won't happen then write her a letter or email. explain to her how you feel and that the things she wants to take away are really precious to you. You will likely need to promise her that you will not do it anymore - and you have to keep that promise. anyway do you seriously think that slashing yourself will amount to anything? It will only cause hurt and pain to those that really love you. it does not mean that if your parents have broken marriage means that you have to have yours broken. my parents are divorced since I was three and i'm happily married for 3+ years now. take responsibility for your own life, you can decide what and where your life should go. go to a church that preaches the true gospel of Jesus Christ and his finished work and you can take charge of your destiny! God Bless!
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Freddie Freddie
Wow. Me and you sound so much alike it's not even funny. Well as for cutting we do it because it distracts us from our emotional pain and more on the physical pain. I used to cut for a long time. Making myself bleed and everything. Honestly, at first it was for attension but then it started to really feel good. It took my mind off of what going on at home. Well I forced myself to stop when my mother found out but recently started again cause of some family **** going on. Bisexual thing. Well my mom doesnt know about this. Im not sure if your mother knows but if she asks just be like - "MOM nobody can make me bisexual. If your friend told you shes bisexual it doesnt mean your going to jump in and say"OH ME TO!" Being bisexual is just the way you are" I have a lot to say but don't want to babble. Maybe gimme your e mail adress and we can chat?
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Darleen Darleen
You really need help. It's nice that your friend is supporting you but you need professional help. Your mother taking things away from you are not going to help you. You say you don't want a counselor but you need one. You need to find out why you are cutting yourself. Please for your sake, go to a hospital and show a doctor what you are doing to your arms. I have a feeling that living in a basement apartment and living with a dysfunctional family is not where you should be right now. Life is already too short and precious so please give yourself a change and learn how to be happy. Don’t waste your life because somebody else screwed it up for you. It does not matter if your bi-sexual or not. You made that choice and if that’s what you want them it’s your choice. How would your friend feel if anything happened to you? Don’t wait until it’s too late. Share what is going on with you with a professional. I hope you come back to me and you tell me that you went to the hospital. Good luck.
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Breanna Breanna
first question is why all of a sudden are starting the sliceing thing what makes you want to do that? Your mother is being concerned of her daughter she gonna blame everyone else of your actions because you're her child and she can't see you doing any wrong. I think you should act like an adult and sit and talk to your mom about whats on your mind, but be respectful she might yall but that's what mom's do. let her see the real you. In the mean time address why you want to act as if you want to hurt yourself. Doing that will really cause your mom to think the worst of your friends.
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Aletha Aletha
i did the whole cutting thing a few years ago myself. i did it over a person i loved but got sh_t on for being a nice guy and then got sh_t on again when i found out she was using me and had her kid using me as well. (taht and other sh_t i was goingthrough) the thing that made me stop was the fact that when i was hurting myself i was also hurting my family. i used to sit in a candle lit room jam some slipknot, drink from the bottle and just go at myselfwith a razzor like i jsut got in a fight with a cheeta. think about the oain you are causing toothers who love you when you hurt yourselfa nd that it is not worth it
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Aletha Originally Answered: How do I tell my parents I'm cutting myself?
Cutting is nothing to take lightly. It can easily get out of control. Talk to an adult--ANY adult! It takes a lot of courage to stop. I know, I've been there. I know about the pressure of disappointing your parents, worrying that your mom will go crazy from worrying and being scared for you. I was able to stop, and I know you can too. Do yourself a favor, and overcome it.

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