How old is to old for a crib?

How old is to old for a crib? Topic: Case switch in r
June 26, 2019 / By Malach
Question: i will apolagize now 4 the spelling, my phones keyboard sucks. or is it just when they r uncomfortable? my daughter is 2 1/2 and still in a crib, she still gets a good night sleep with no problems at all. i have a 8 month old in the same room so im up alot at night and everythime i go in there room my 2 1/2 year old is laying in a diff position. im serous that girl tosses and turn all night! she always has, so in a way i dnt want her in a bed, even a toddler bed in case she would fall out. am i doing the right thing here?
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Kiley Kiley | 5 days ago
If she has no problems sleeping it in, then leave her in it. Wait until she starts climbing out, or is too big for the crib before you make the switch. I heard about this idea to keep your child safe in a single bed, by putting a pool noddle under the bottom fitted sheet towards the edge of the bed. Kind of acting as a bed rail, but better apparently! Also, you can put the cot mattress next to the bed for a while till she gets use to it.
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Kiley Originally Answered: Why crib bumpers are/not more dangerous to have?
I used breathable bumpers with my daughter. I didn't like the big, bulky ones but the mesh ones were great.
Kiley Originally Answered: Why crib bumpers are/not more dangerous to have?
My thoughts are the same as they are for many of the safety recommendations for the kids. They make them because there is some risk. The odds are up to the parents to decide if they are worth it. Personally, i'm a big believer in Murphy's law. I tend to follow the recommendations. Bumpers also allow a child to crawl out before they normally would be ready to. Have you taken the percent of death of injury in regards to that stat and included it in your risk assessment?
Kiley Originally Answered: Why crib bumpers are/not more dangerous to have?
I pretty much agree with you. Kids have suffocated in them but I've also heard of kids breaking their legs or arms by becoming stuck. I also know of one baby who got her head stuck in the bars of her crib and was killed. That death may have been prevented by crib bumpers. Parents should decide when and what is appropriate and always research the product and specific brand and make sure it is installed safely and properly and that their babies are supervised as much as possible. Accidents can always happen, even in the safest homes.

Jancis Jancis
If she is fine with her crib, and you are fine with it, and there are no problems, i see no point in switching. Some people switch over to a toddler bed sooner than that and some later i am sure. Wait till she is ready.
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Jancis Originally Answered: Help with putting baby to sleep in her crib?
Hi V, She will very likely just have got into the habit of needing to be rocked before she'll go to sleep. You just need to replace that habit with another one. I think the most important thing to start with is to get your baby into a good sleep routine. I had massive problems with getting my 5 month old son to sleep. He would just lie awake and cry for hours, then when he finally went to sleep he would wake every hour or two hours through the night and cry again! Talk about pulling our hair out .... we were absolutely desperate for sleep! It was a baby sleep audio program recommended by a friend that finally saved us. We followed the advice and began by creating a baby sleep routine which included bathtime, dimming of the lights, putting Josh into his crib, final nappy change and then lullabies. We also made recommended changes to his naps during the day and used some of the other recommended techniques. Within two weeks he was sleeping through the night most nights with just the odd night where he would just wake once! If you want to take a look, the audio program is at http://www.babysleepsolution.com Definitely start by creating a good baby sleep routine though and you could find that solves most of your baby sleep problems. Good luck!
Jancis Originally Answered: Help with putting baby to sleep in her crib?
Your little one has you wrapped around her little finger. My son was the same from 5 months. The only way that worked for us was to use the 'controlled crying' method. Sounds awful but actually you dont leave them to cry that much. First think about her bedtime routine. Do you feed her just before you put her in the crib ie in the room she will sleep in. It could be that she has made up her mind she can only go to sleep following a feed, in your arms. With my son, the Health visitor advised that I stop breastfeeding him, give him a bottle in a different room, and then put him in the cot. Lay baby down in her cot, say godnight and leave the room. Always use the same words ie goodnight, its sleep time now, or similar and each time you go back, dont pick her up, just settle her again using these words. with my son it took about 20 mins the first 3 nights, then 15 then 10 and then that was it! You can go back to baby as soon as you like when you have left the room but just dont pick her up. Its hard the first night you do it, make sure you have someone there for moral support, but in the end its ok and it does work. My son is 10 now and he doesnt remember being left crying in his cot!

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