Philippinos needing an invitation letter to leave country?

Philippinos needing an invitation letter to leave country? Topic: Wedding writing letters
July 19, 2019 / By Marlie
Question: Is it necessary for philippinos to have a letter to leave their country for a holiday, and that letter needs to be written by a person of that host country? The letter states something like "I am inviting (name) for a month for a holiday and a wedding of our friend...please clear jurisdiction". I am curious if they need an invitation for a holiday
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Lacey Lacey | 1 day ago
That's a bunch of BS!!! i used to live there (Makati - Forbes park). Philippinos are free to travel wherever and whenever they want.
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Lacey Originally Answered: How to write an invitation letter?
I would do referails first! but make an eye caughing flier that says Your are invited to participate in my getting me off the ground advertising .. I will place your free add on my web site! ---- I just need your premittions! No strings no money nothing just call me and say yes! leave in on my voice mail! e-mail me yes and a banner and it's on! Thanks for helping this new business get started in advertising! or make something very mysterious! send a big box with a shoe box in it hey need your ad for my web site! No cost to you.. Call me for details! Hello, your invted to have a free month with no strings of adveristments i just need your banner. after a month it will be removed! Hello, your invited to a special outing free food and it's for this local event! have an event and talk about your idea and then at the end have willing parties sign up!

Jen Jen
it depends on which country he is going to. Some countries are exempt from visa such as members of the ASEAN alliance however most countries will require a large number of documentation. An invitation letter (also known as guarantee) can help if he cannot show proof of funds but it does not guarantee he will get the visa. Better check with the embassy for a clear assessment on the documentation requirements as different countires have different requirements.
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Felina Felina
YES. Exactly. But, NOT just that. There's a lot more to consider. WHO is inviting you? Can he support you? Can you prove to the Embassy that you will COME BACK to the philippines? Because they might think you are gonna stay there illegally, etc... There are many hassles on the way for processing it. ESPECIALLY if you are a PURE FILIPINO. >>>> Wow, I see you are NOT a Filipino. Because you spell if WRONGLY. Hahahah! The correct spelling is FILIPINO.. You are probably the one who's gonna invite someone... I see... :)
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Felina Originally Answered: How to send an invitation letter for a visa?
If a foreigner applies for a visa to the US, the US consular is trained to assume that they want to remain in the US illegally, as stupid as that may sound. In order to get a B2 approved, the petitioner has to show that she has strong ties to Japan, i.e, a top job, property, money in the bank, family, etc, and no ties to the US. If you send her a letter of invitation and she shows it at the consulate, they will deny her application because she has a support system in the US where she could hide and get fed while trying to escape deportation. Sounds crazy? Yep, but this is how the cookie crumbles. For that very reason parents can't even visit their children and get to know their grandchildren, because the consular officer has established ties to the US.

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