What kinds of punishments are used in middle school?

What kinds of punishments are used in middle school? Topic: Up student lost homework
June 25, 2019 / By Miranda
Question: I know that in elementary school, teachers can take away recess, call home, or refer them to the office. But in middle school, students don't earn recess. So what are some things that a teacher can do to ensure her students follow directions as well as the rules?
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Lily Lily | 6 days ago
We got write-offs a lot (write "I will not say shut up" fifty times), detentions, sent to the principal's office, or given additional homework. We also sometimes lost privileges for other fun stuff or had to eat lunch at the teacher's table. For passing notes they'd read them in front of the class. Items that were distracting us or that we weren't supposed to have would get taken away and returned at the end of the day or at the end of the year.
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Kaila Kaila
Pretty much nothing. You can tell students to knock it off, and you can send the occasional one to the office, but not often. Basically, you have to try to teach around them. Just understand that there are students who are alien and hostile to the education process, and that nothing substantive will be done to them. Ask yourself this, if a child doesn't know how to behave properly by 7th grade, no one has taught him. Now, what good will come of calling or having a meeting with a parent who hasn't taught his child how to behave in the first place? I agree that the phone calls, meetings, etc may work in 1st, 2nd, maybe even up to 5th grade, but if you have to have a meeting about your 8th grader's conduct in class, you are, by definition, meeting with the wrong people!
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Gweneth Gweneth
detention, out of school supsension, in school suspension. we actually had recess in my middle school, so we could get that taken away. sometimes eating in the cafeteria with other students was taken away too, you would have to go sit in a classroom and eat
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Dina Dina
call to parents after school detention lunch detention referral to principal in-school suspension revocation of transfer suspension referral to alternative school for 6 weeks arrest by school police expulsion
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Carin Carin
in my district they have demerits and once you reach a certain number of demerits your receive a certain punishment for example at 10 you get a referral at 20 you get your parents contacted at 30 you receive a one day suspension
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