Can someone give me advice on what to write for this college application essay?

Can someone give me advice on what to write for this college application essay? Topic: What is a good doctor essay
June 19, 2019 / By Nikki
Question: We believe potential is measured by more than grades and test scores. Help us get to know you - what you're good at, what inspires you, what you stand for, and why Western is the right place for you to continue your education. Please note: the number of questions you respond to is up to you. * What do you want to make sure the Admissions Committee knows about you? (Explanation of academic record, passions/interests, memorable experiences, defining moments, etc.) * If you are interested in a particular academic area, tell us why. Do you have a dream job in mind? If so, we'd love to hear about it. They call this an essay question, so multiple essays are out of the question, obviously. However, there is a lot to talk about here, so I was wondering what others would recommend. I do have a good anecdote for "defining moments" and I am fairly certain I could answer the other questions. My only problem is that I am unsure of how I will get the essay to flow properly, considering all of the different topics. Any suggestions? Thank you.
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Lynna Lynna | 7 days ago
I had this same problem a year ago.. I would go with the one of the academic area. Mine was about how watching the Dragonfly movie changed my whole point of view as so to study Natural Sciences, AKA Biology. Its not about the money you know. I am studying that because i want to be a doctor with no boundaries, feed the hungered, heal the sick, help the need. Its all about passion. What do you want to study? Why?
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Lynna Originally Answered: Who/What Should I Write My College Application Essay About?
First off, realize that this is not a book report. The person reading your essay may or may not know anything about the character you choose. So do not treat this as you would a report in english class. You should also realize that it actually matters very little who or what you choose or even what you say. What really matters is how you say it. The admissions people are going to be looking for the following: 1. Can you write? 2. Did you care enough to spell and grammar check? There should not be a single error in the essay. 3. Can you make a cohesive piece that makes sense? 4. Can you be clear and concise? 5. Can you effectively use writing to define your message and relay it to your reader? 6. Can you make your writing entertaining in at the same time? Entertaining can mean funny or moving or any of a lot of things. There is no correct way to be entertaining, but you certainly do not want the reader to feel like it is a chore to read your essay. And finally, 7. Who are you? Your essay is one of the few places that your voice can be clearly heard by the admissions staff. This does not mean that you should write about who you are. More interesting information is in the tone and style of your essay than in the topic. Are you funny? Are you a deep thinker? Are you callous and self-centered? These types of things come across in the way you say things. This essay is the admissions staff's opportunity to get a feel for who you actually are. You see, a lot of people have a misconception about the essay in applications. People seem to think the admissions staff is looking for you to say something specific, and if you do that, you will get in. These people then write essays about how they care so much about hungry kids and they want to feed them and blah blah blah. But those essays are usually very boring to read, especially when you have dozens of essays to read in a night and they are all the same sort of drab. Instead, the essay is an opportunity for the admissions staff to gauge two things. First, your intelligence. Smart people write well. Point 1 to 6, above, are all directly related to your intelligence. And second, they can get a sense of your personality and what is important to you. The best possible outcome you can have after someone reads your essay is for them to come away having enjoyed reading it. That should be your ultimate goal. If they enjoy your essay, they like you, and they are more likely to accept you. So, what should you write about? It really doesn't matter. Pick something that has significance to you, and then worry more about getting your point across and the style of your writing rather than the topic. You can probably write a good essay on every single topic you brought up, and you can certainly write a bad essay about any of them.
Lynna Originally Answered: Who/What Should I Write My College Application Essay About?
On the essay part, you could be writing about how your extracurricular activity had an impact on shaping your character (longer 800-1000 words). For the one asking you to go into a little more detail about an extra activity, just write the facts. I did blah blah and what accomplishments you had kind of a paragraph. I would just make sure your essay describes the influence on you and how you were impacted. Although, it may be better to pick another impact maybe a teacher's influence or a cultural experience for the essay. I hate writing and writing essays but amazingly I received acceptance to 2 of my colleges. I used the common app like you are.

Keeleigh Keeleigh
Can your english teacher help? My daughter's english teacher gave them tons of essays to read. Then had them write two essays for college and helped edit them. She wrote one on having asthma and one on being in the peer tutoring program at school. Her friend wrote one on her travels she took with her family. One wrote on being on the tennis team and going to state. You don't have to write about everything in your life. Get an outline going and see if a teacher at school can help you through the process.
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Ilean Ilean
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Ilean Originally Answered: How can I write a killer (and hopefully creative) college application essay?
Keep the sarcasm out for the first impression. It is more acceptable to hear when someone knows you better. Sarcasm can be taken the wrong way too easily and put them against you. If you like dialogues, that would be a fresh approach they wouldn't get so much.

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