Questions about reporting family issues to DFCS?

Questions about reporting family issues to DFCS? Topic: How to write a good diary entry
June 26, 2019 / By Alexis
Question: I have an almost three year old daughter with a woman I lived with for 3 and a half years. She took my daughter 800 miles away from me two months ago, and gave her to her brother and his family to take care of, while I was out of state visiting my 5 year old son. She also moved out of our apartment. We are both full time college students. I am in my 40's, and she is 30. When I inquired to her brother about my daughter, he sent me a message on facebook that I need to move on with my life and leave his sister alone, and he doesn't want to come down and tell me in person. I am takin this as physical a threat for me trying to find out where my three year old daughter is. I printed up an ad from craigslist last night that my daughters mother posted for no strigns attached sex, with a full nude photo of her from behind. She is a very large black/ brown woman, with a distinctive scar on her ankle, and distinctive flaps of skin on her back in rolls. I also have print ups of her posting multiple ads on craigslist from before she left me on craigslist, and a facebook page she had with photos of her in a corsett soliciting for sex. She also did not pick the kids up from daycare three times in March while I was at work, and the daycare threatened to call dfcs on her if it occurs again. Her first child's father was murdered on her 25th birthday in DC in 2005, after having an argument with her. I have also found a diary where she wrote about wanting to kill him, a few entries prior to her writing asbout waiting for the first social security death benefit checks. As well as the next entry in it is about her having sex with me for the first time, and how it was not good. And how she was just using me to not feel lonely, and wanted to vomit frm the smell of me being on her. Is any of this pertainint if I try to go for custody of my daughter? I currently live in a one room studio apartment and go to college full time. I know that once my child has been in NJ for 6 months, I would have to file in NJ instead of GA for custody. Does the fact that her brother threatenend me when I asked where my daughter is have any bearing? I am also afraid her mother will claim I assaulted her if I seek custody, even though it has been almost three months since she took off with my daughter. Any thoughts?
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Tylar Tylar | 4 days ago
You need to go to court with the eviedence that she is soliciting prostitution ,you can be awarded custody fille in the courts also the family has no right from keeping you from seeing your child.This is what she will do file a restraining order and lie about you .But if you are no wheres near her, then she cant file anything against you always bring a witness with you.And have a tape recorder when you have been threatened or you can report it to the police depending on custody order.
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The easiest thing to do, of course, would be to ignore it and continue as you have been. However, often the right thing to do is the hardest thing to do. Perhaps what needs to be done is to, first decide if you wish to continue with the separation from your family, and second, speak to your mother again about your desire to remain separate because of all the painfulness you mentioned. This will be difficult to do, I know , but simply ignoring the messages is really not dealing with the problem and it will still be on your mind constantly until it is resolved. So, my advice is to call or write your mother and explain how you feel about things in general and the messages in particular.
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It's simple really. When your mother needs you emotionally, she draws you in; when she doesn't, she spits you out. In other words, she uses you. If you fully recognize this, you'll be able to sever the bonds completely and permanently. A certain amount of struggle may ensue with trying to sever connections, as you're already experiencing, and so you need to bring yourself back to reality over and over, until that reality is fully incorporated, and there is no more struggle. Good luck.
Tylar Originally Answered: How do I respond to a mother who is finding it hard to let go of me post family trauma & family breakdown?
nicely definite you could desire to forgive them, Jesus became very sparkling interior the myth of the guy forgiven of a huge debt that in case you do no longer forgive others God won't forgive you. a reliable thank you to start forgiveness is to neglect, it particularly is not easy and that i comprehend that. I truthfully have a brother who has performed issues to me contained in direction of me working for him. All i will say is the commencing up is getting into your techniques you will no longer retaliate, next is commencing over appearing such as you in basic terms met them and attending to re understand your loved ones. while doubtful keep in mind the golden rule "forgive and neglect."

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Hey Buttermilk, You are very lucky to receive such a gift! Many of us spend years looking for what was give to you. Use it wisely. Organize the files by family surname. If you can afford to get some computer software, check the list below, get some to help organize. Scan all of the documents into the computer, and store them by surname. Enter all the information into your entry first. Your parents, your birth date, location, time, place, etc. Then attach in the place that the software lets you, all the scanned documents about you. Now go to your Mother, or your Father's entry. Fill in all the information about Him (going with your father). Attach all the scanned files. You have his parents, enter them. And their data. And you do this until you exhause the data, information, pictures, certificates, stories, you have. In Genealogy, every answer (parent found), leads to 2 more questions (who were their 2 parents). So, you see, your work will never be done. But what a legacy to leave to your kids - fully computerized Ancestry. To continue the check, get more certificates, check GENFORUM, check Family Search, check Ellis Island, trace each person from a known person, don't skip over any one because you think you know the parents. Prove the ancestors closest to you, then get the parents of that ancestor. Here are some useful sites. When you get stuck, try Cindi's list, which is a list of lists of lists of places to check - fantastic. Also, post questions here.
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If whoever did thr original research was competent, he/she will have cited sources - wills, tax records, census records, obituaries, cemetery records, newspaper articles that are not obituaries ("Baptist minister runs off to Argentina with Choir director, building fund" - South Fork Herald, Aug 01, 1894) ("Paige Turner marries Don Breaks in garden ceremony" - Springville Times, 6/12/1912) How you check is to look up those sources and make sure the researcher copied them right; the marriage really was 1912, not 1921, it was June 12, not Dec 6, the minister did run off to Argentina, not Brazil, and he did scrawl "So long, suckers" across the church door with a tar brush. If there are no sources, then you have a long, tough row to hoe. You can check general things with the US, UK or Canadian census, if you can get access to it. It will show people living together who are probably related. (Usually. Once in a while a family adopts a stranger, or a cousin, and the census enumerator lumps the child in with the rest of the children. Sometimes a "wife" is really a widowed sister-in-law and her three kids.) You can look up birth, death and marriage records, obituaries, cemetery records. Some are on-line; many are not. If the original research has a citation for every fact (rare, but I've seen it, in professional journals, as an example of how to do it 100% correctly), you can probably just believe it. If the original research has no citations and mentions more than one of the following, it is probably less than trustworthy: 1) Three brothers came to the US; one went south, one west, one north. 2) A Cherokee Princess. 3) The younger son of a noble family. 4) A man who was exiled for poaching the king's game. (Why would anyone parboil the Royal Scrabble set?) If it is somewhere in between, you'll have to decide how much time and effort you want to put into checking it. Genealogy isn't particularly difficult, compared to rocket science or brain surgery, so if you got a "B" on at least one history term paper when you were in high school (no matter how long ago) you can do it, but it does take time. You could check just one generation, as a test. Start at either end - the oldest generation or the youngest. Usually the further back you go the less reliable a family history becomes; the mists of time and the fact not all of our ancestors could read and write obscure many a family tree. Either way you will get a feel for the accuracy of the original research.
Tylar Originally Answered: I am interested in my family history. I was given the results of years of research into my father's family.
Looks like rustskip has given you good answers, he's done a lot of research for you, thank him!. Good Luck!

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