911 - If you don't believe that there was ANY wrongdoing at all by our government, what do you base that on?

911 - If you don't believe that there was ANY wrongdoing at all by our government, what do you base that on? Topic: Vietnam m a research report
June 24, 2019 / By Lambart
Question: Truth seekers of 911 are asking us who understand critical thinking, to research on our own before blindly falling into line by simply accepting what the U.S. Government says about 911 just because we are Americans and must trust our government. Blind faith? Do they deserve it? If presented with two choices; the governments 911 Commission Report or the many Americans who have educated themselves and come armed with facts-- If you are truly a person who values critical thinking; then you would at least consider the possibility that the 911 Commission's report is not actually credible, but that means you would have to read it. Did you read it? Remember, not based on anything other than reading the 911 report, do you honestly think it's 100% accurate? Do you think there may be errors in it? Is it possible that our government made some huge errors that fateful day? After reading the 911 report, is it possible that the report is wrong? What's odds that it is 100% accurate? Have you read the report? Obviously most of you have not. Most of you don't know much about our government if you think they wouldn't do something like that. Just read your history books about the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident. How can you trust our government? I know how, because you are too busy to bother with it. There are more scandals in our government than there are in the entertainment industry. I too lost family in 911, so don't tell me what to feel. Anyone who has half a brain could see that the question is simple, did our government fail us that day? YES !!! On every single front they failed us. Every single front. I'm not asking you to believe a conspiracy theory, I am asking you if you are basing your judgements on your own research or if you are complacent and going with whatever the government tells you? If there are errors in the 911 Commission Report, then could there also be lies?? YOU BET Propaganda is designed to make people act and think just like most of you here. The tin foil hat answer is the ignorant answer. Can we debate that answer? No, because it merits no consideration. I was a kid during the Vietnam War, and I have seen a lot of things go down in history. If you are a young college or high school kid, then you have nothing on me. I have wisdom, and if you trust the government, then I hope you trust them to do the right thing regarding this country and our Constitution. I don't trust them...absolute power corrupts absolutely. I welcome differing points of view as long as they are based in arguable facts, not name calling and "nu-uh" let's hear the facts. Most of the retorts I see posted here are not arguable, only immature, and not arguments at all. We didn't fly the planes into the WTC Towers, but our government knew it was going to happen and did nothing to stop it. Norad failed us 100%. What are the odds of that happening?? Weak Weak arguments. I am an American Indian, my people were here on this soil a long time before the white man, that makes me a true American. We have not always been free, but we are now. This is not going to last very long at the rate we're going. WE ELECT OUR GOVERMENT, WE NEED TO HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE TO ALL OF US WHO PAY TAXES! I want to know the truth because the report we got is hogwash. If you have read the report, then please speak up. Give me facts or assumptions grounded in logic, then we can talk about it. Be open minded enough to question what the government tells you. Power is the motivation in the government. Not whats best for the citizens of the U.S. You would be utterly shocked if you knew what was really going on behind the scenes in our government, Please be a critical thinker and ask yourself if it is possible that our government lies to us? I think we all know the answer to that one. Use your own mind and do your own research before jumping on a bandwagon of propaganda.
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Isadore Isadore | 5 days ago
Anyone who believes the official story is either doing it blindly. In other words, "They don't even really know what it is." or they are in emotional denial and live under fear. If you don't buy the 9/11 stuff just ask me anything and I will help you to understand what is happening. We are being lied, deceived and mislead.
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Cush Cush
wait wait wait....you mean our Governement is NOT perfect....OMG, i think im going to pass out..... notice the HEAVY sarcasm? come on...aren't you a little late to be jumping on this train? Governments do what they think is right to protect the people. What if the truth was so bad, that you WOULDNT WANT to know about it? What if it was something much worse? What would happen? What would happen if we knew the true dnger that we are in.....there would be immediate panic and riots. Oh, and what truths are you talking about....the morons like Rosie that go around saying , "That was the first time EVER that fire had melted steel....." OR maybe the "fact" that there were no Jews in the buildings....which has been proven false.......OR maybe the "fact" that the planes shot some sort of missle into the building before they entered...yea....that one has to be true....(notice my sarcasm again? ) what an idiot.....come on, go run along and let the adults play.
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Astrophel Astrophel
Its likely that the 9/11 report isn't 100% accurate and it is clear that mistakes were made on 9/11... we will probably never know exactly what happened in all four planes that day... but it's NOT because the Government is covering it up... there are too many people on Capitol Hill who want to burry Bush for this conspiracy to ever actually work...
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