How do I get money the kids deserve through child support?

How do I get money the kids deserve through child support? Topic: History papers for kids
July 20, 2019 / By Gawain
Question: I have recently filed for my divorce, but before I filed my papers I have raising my kids 70-90% of the time. I have fronted most of all of the expenses. I drive 250 miles one way on the weekends so the kids can see their dad and I don't receive a penny. The father recently lost his job for the 3rd time in 2 years. Even when he had a job he doesn't have the money to help out with shoes, clothes, food and what not. I do not currently receive child support either. I don't want to get the short end of the stick when I go to court on march 5th. What if he doesn't have a job, will I eventually get money from this guy to help support the children? How difficult will this task be. He will do anything in his power to avoid paying child-support if possible. In fact, he really wants the children in presence so i can pay him child support. Also he foreclosed on a house that was in his name. He wants to file jointly to get a better return. Will his foreclosure penalize our return if we file jointly? yes, the father will only want to raise the kids to receive child support... with my feelings put aside..he has not once paid child support for his 1st kid because the ex wife and him agreed on 350 a month and it was put in his divorce papers but it was not put in a child support order. for 10 years this guy has not once paid for his 1st kid.
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Dewayne Dewayne | 3 days ago
The court should look at his income history when determining child support, especially if he doesn't have a job. Just being unemployed should not excuse him from supporting his kids. If he was a REAL MAN, he would go to work at WalMart to get the money to help with expenses of raising them. As for filing jointly, you don't have to if you don't want to. And, unless he forges your signature, he can't do it behind your back. Both will have to sign if filing jointly.
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Dewayne Originally Answered: What if a mother who receives child support doesn't use the money for the child?
Of course it's wrong if the mother is spending and the child is going without. But it would be up to the person paying the support to take her back to court and prove the child was not being provided for. Usually child support IS spent on daily living expenses which can include certain household bills and other expenses not directly related to the child. Basically just assistance in keeping a roof over their heads. As I said, if the child/children are suffering or being neglected, the payer should take her to court.

Bethuel Bethuel
First off, see an attorney. He will put the child support in the divorce agreement so in the event he gets a job, he can be paying it. Second, if you do not have enough to live on yourself with the kids, contact social services for assistance. They will also go after the support for the kids. I find it difficult to believe that anyone would want to have custody of children simply so they would not have to pay child support. That is like saying I would rather have a headache than to take an aspirin. Perhaps he actually does want the kids with him. He may not have been there for you, but that does not mean that he would not be there for the kids. Give him a break. If you do get a divorce and have kids together, you are going to have to get along for the sake of the kids if for no other reason. Put your own feelings aside and do what is truly best for them. I'm fairly certain that your children love both of you equally. As to filing taxes jointly, you will need to talk to an accountant to get that answer. I am not certain what you mean about the foreclosed property. Did he own the house and had sold it to someone else, or is he being foreclosed on? Talk to an accountant...even if you have to pay them for their advice.
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Able Able
If Your Income is Low Enough Apply for Food Stamps, GO to the Courts and Ask for Help to file your paperwork if you cannot afford an attorney. You can also file with the child support services in your state, this takes longer but ask for Reto . Good Luck !
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Skye Skye
Speak to your lawyer. The courts will demand that he pays a certain amount in child maintenance but if he is not working then he won't have any to give you, the courts will make sure that his wages are being monitored and they will garnish what they can for you. But careful beause if he finds a job that pays him under the tble then the courts won't know how much money he is making and you won't get anything. Kep tabs to make sure he is working and if you ever find that he is getting paid under the table make sure you call your lawyer or whoever is in charge of his maintenace payments to let them know because it is illegal for him to be paid without making payments. My father did this for most of my childhood. He worked at jobs that paid him cash and my mother never sa any of it. Best of luck.
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Skye Originally Answered: As a single mother raising two kids without child support could I owe alimony?
Your attorneys cannot give you a straight answer because there is no straight answer. A judge is granted a lot of discretion when deciding whether to award alimony. State statutes usually specify perhaps a dozen different factors that a judge should consider when deciding whether to award alimony, and how much should be awarded. There is no set bright line criteria. Common factors in most states include things like: Length of marriage. Respective Spouse's earning capacity Education level of the spouses Obligations of each spouse The ability to pay spousal support The ability of the supported spouse to secure gainful employment But, everything you mentioned will be considered by the judge when deciding whether it is fair for you to pay alimony, and whether it is fair that ex should receive alimony.

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