How do i get the world cup on my phone or ipod?

How do i get the world cup on my phone or ipod? Topic: Gaming the classroom
July 18, 2019 / By Imanuel
Question: i really want to watch the U.S. game tomorrow a 930 AM, but i have drivers training at 830 to 1030 (don't worry, we aren't driving, just in the classroom). I was wondering if there was a way to get free video of the game to my verizon phone or my ipod touch. i have seen the commercials on espn about sending a txt to espn to get video but im not sure of the number or the message or if its free. Thanks!
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Best Answers: How do i get the world cup on my phone or ipod?

Euan Euan | 7 days ago
You can download the V Cast Video app to your phone, but it is a $10 subscription- not free... Not too bad to be able to watch every game live though
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I think to world cup is too large fit on your phone/ipod. The world cup is a very large trophy and may crush your device.
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