Will I get accepted into the army?

Will I get accepted into the army? Topic: Problem solving in school mathematics
July 17, 2019 / By Othniel
Question: I am 23 year old college student studying mathematics at Virginia Tech. I want to join the Army in order to help pay for school. My parents pay for my rent, but cannot afford tuition and currently my financial aid assistance has been greatly reduced. Also I would like more discipline in my life and think the army would help me. The reason why I am worried about possibly getting denied is I am on probation until the summer for a dui (misdemeanor)). But once I am off probation will I be able to still join the army? p.s I am not asking will the army get me off probation. This is once I get off probation. @sas Wow what a buzzkill you are. First off yea I already receive financial aid but I FINISHED at my community college after two years and had to transfer to a bigger 4 year college. Some people don't have the benefit of living near a college town or big city where they can just live with their parents. So in my situation I have to move somewhere such as Blacksburg where I'm currently at. And if you knew anything at all you would know college tuition at a 4 year school without any assistance is much more expensive then just 500/month for rent. So your rant about living at home doesn't make any sense and wouldn't solve my real problem. But again my parents live in the COUNTRY no 4 year colleges, yes try and imagine
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Lesley Lesley | 1 day ago
WUT, you dont have a job and you live in apartment?. Maybe you should really think about where your the money is going besides your school. Instead of the money going to the school it went to rent instead. You should really consider moving in back with your parents, and ask them to pay for school instead of an apartment. You maybe able to join after probation, but with the MILITARY HAVING SERIOUS BUDGET CUTS, according to a magazine, they are cutting around 437billion dollars for Defense budget this year. Your chances of getting a waiver for your probation is slim. Last i heard they may not be even be able to approve your waiver. Back to the more serious question, why are you joining, is it because you cant pay for college because the money is spent on your apartment. Are you eligble for FINANCIAL AID AT YOUR SCHOOL.
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Lesley Originally Answered: What are my chances of being accepted to Army or Navy OCS?
at 27 you are rapidly becoming too old for many Navy Designators. Luckily IWO or INTEL are still options. nobody cares about your gender or race. the sub 3.0 GPA hurts.. a LOT. so does the credit history. same goes for them too WRT to paying off all the charge offs. you also have a far less guarantee of being eligible for the necessary Clearances that IWO and INTEL require. the leadership roles mitigate the crappy GPA. that being said.. DH was 28 and had a 2.89 GPA in Math(secondary Education focus). he enlisted in the Navy and within 4 years was at OCS. he is now an IWO O4. so it is possible. just not as likely today. 15 years ago, there was a greater need for Officers. especially since the Navy has been CANCELING selection boards recently. you'd probably be a far better enlisted candidate.. IS, IT, any of the CT ratings. then after a few years you could submit an OCS packet. if the Army recruiter seems to think you are a strong candidate, that may be your better shot at a commission.
Lesley Originally Answered: What are my chances of being accepted to Army or Navy OCS?
Ummmm, do no longer circulate into the army circulate into the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps relies upon on lots of their officers to return from OCS commissioning sources because of the fact they have not got there own service academy. that may no longer something against the army yet once you're finding at OCS the Marine Corps has superb reward, plus you would be a Marine. they're going to sweep you up in a heartbeat which comprise your Quals which you basically confirmed. you do no longer even ought to take a standardized try, because of the fact your ASVAB score is so extreme. i'm extreme circulate confer with a Marine Corps Officer determination Officer. yet to respond to your question, your possibility is fairly sturdy in entering into OCS for the army.

Jamie Jamie
That DUI will be a problem. The services have waiting lists of people with zero legal and medical problems and good grades. You would need a waiver and right now those are few and far between, but you can always talk to a Recruiter and try.
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Jamie Originally Answered: Future army wife in 3 months with a few questions for my army wives sisters?
I understand how you feel, I have been a military wife for almost 14 years. We as military wives do give up alot for our soldier husbands as do our children, as they say we also serve. Some might get mad at me for saying this but I am giving a military wife perspective. I know what my husband does and where he goes, I will never say that he has never sacrifice, I know he has and he will continue to. But you didn't ask about that, you asked about our side. We are the ones who make new friends and have to leave them everytime we move (PCS), we are the ones who have to transfer colleges and lose out on credit because the new school we are at won't take all of our credits (I lost almost a year worth of credit transferring from Germany to Georgia). We are the ones who have to leave our job once we finally get a job because our husband get new PCS order (he gets to keep his), we have to get to the new duty station and realize there are no jobs there so we can't work and realize we had a great job from where we left. There is so much more, however, you know that with him comes his daughter and that it something you don't want to argue or disagree with him about. Do you love him enough to raise this little girl and give up a few things for awhile. And who says you have to not go to school with her there. She will be able to go to daycare and you can go to school while she is in daycare. Just know that for the most part they might call you first to get her if she gets sick so what about your classes then. Make sure you have a back up babysitter for these moments and times. Especially when he gets deployed, you will be her full time parent. I understand you wanted to wait to have children but there is nothing you can do to change that he already has a child. I would feel pretty great that he wants to try and get full custody of her, which is not going to happen right away, trust me on that part. Gives you some more time to think. You said you haven't married him yet so what about when he gets sent to his first duty station, are you going to move with him there, if so that means that you will be transferring schools, which might mean you might add another semester on to when you graduate. I say when you marry him, you also become a step parent and to some point that is extremely important. You will continue to "sacrifice" while your husband is in the service, just as he will. he will need you to be there for him when he deploys. He must think highly of you and love you to know that you will be the one taking care of his daughter, if he gets custody of her, when he deploys for a year at a time. You need to think if this is what you really want, if not, I say wait until you get married and finish school because once you marry him you also become a "mom".
Jamie Originally Answered: Future army wife in 3 months with a few questions for my army wives sisters?
You 100% have to be the one to make the sacrifice to be home more. He doesnt have an option. The army will try to help him out if you can't go to an appt or something like that on a 'one time thing' . . . but if he cant get his family life in order, he will get counseled (reprimanded, talked to, etc) about it. I get the feeling sometimes that I am a single mom, but then reality slaps me in the face and I realize I have a wonderful husband and I have the best son. I'm lucky to have so much time with him. Some people have it much worse. If you don't want to be the one to change your plans, tell him that. But also realize that working part time and going to school full time are both flexible. You can, to an extent, choose when you have classes, etc. HE HAS NO SAY IN HIS SCHEDULE - you just need to get that in your head. I am a full time Graduate student and I also work - all while managing to keep my son out of daycare, even when hubby is gone.... It is possible. And with daycare it is totally possible. Even though the Army will try to accommodate as needed, on occasion, do not expect this or do not get used to this. The guys who have their wives call their boss' to get out of work don't generally have the most pleasant workdays.... On the other hand, though, if he is equally unable to provide a stable home life for his child, then that should be taken into account too . . . the mother and father need to weigh the options - as a husband, he shouldn't add a responsibility to the household that he can't be responsible for. But as a parent, he should be responsible. It's a double edge...

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