How does one find God?

How does one find God? Topic: Non case sensitive find
July 18, 2019 / By Zed
Question: I am a non-religious person who has fallen into some dark times and could use some additional strength. So how does one find God? How are we suppose to reach out and "tap into" this High Power?
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Simon Simon | 4 days ago
This is a great consolation for you to know: you do not need to be a religious to find God. It is an inherent right of every creature to find its Source and be one with its Origin.The process unfolds spontaneously as long as you remain in a childlike attitude from moment to moment. Together with being childlike, you must, with your whole being, focus on this goal, without desiring any other. The more you let go of distractions, the more you come nearer to your desired goal. Be assured too that for every movement of your desiring for God, He knows. In human analogy, His heart melts to see such love as coming from you. He will do His part of making advances by making Himself noticeable to you. You also have to be sensitive when He does this because He has many ways of making Himself felt. Just talk to Him in your heart and mind as if talking to a friend you love, and let your every move be seen by Him as little steps towards finding Him. You do not need to be knowledgeable about dogmas to find God. Just be yourself. Let every move you make be full of love for Him, full of desire for Him. Selfishness, imbalanced or unhealthy desires, aggressive attitudes, etc.... these are only few of the things that blocks you from finding Him. Acts that are not significant for your inner development will only leave you empty and frustrated. How does He look like? How is it to experience Him for real? I will not and cannot articulate something that is so Spiritual. It is not possible. You have to experience it yourself. In my case, my first vision and experience of Him was when I was only 3 years old. And this was so many times repeated as I grew older. And every encounter reveals many truths and mysteries about Him and the Universe. So you see, relationship with God is very personal. Rituals may help though but only to a certain point. You come to a point when you have to proceed alone in your journey, a journey which is already beyond help from outside. I love to talk to you about this forever, but no, you must be the one to discover what heaven it is to go through the process of finding God in your life. Please remember me in your prayers as I will do with you.
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Page two (2), you may not even read this, but it's worth a shot: If a human wishes to find God, they first have to know who and what, God is! This site may answer some of your deepest questions! http://www.bmf.org/ In the 'search this site' box on the opening page, type in, Who is God? Then read the third explanation down, Who is God? This is a brief explanation of a departed Sufi Teacher....... "May the Peace and Blessings of God be always with you."
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Lawson Lawson
try going to a good christian church (try finding a Vineyard Church. They rock!). If you find a good church then you can find people to help you. Also try making some christian friends who can help you with your emotions and with finding god. Most people in Protestant churches have became christian by going through dark times (like me). You will also find out that God let these things happen to shake you up and to humble yourself and really realize how messed up the world is. Try also praying to god. I know you might feel silly doing this at first, but it is just like writing in a diary, because you can talk all you want and confess anything and you will feel better by doing it. You also might feel like god isn't responding or even hearing you, but most of the time he talks subtly. It might take a while, or even one time but you will recognize when he is trying to communicate with you. He barely ever speaks with a voice to me, but allot of times he will just show me things that let me know that he is talking to me and cares about me. He will do that to you too. May he give you strength.
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Jack Jack
First off if you really are serious and God will know that your first step would be to pray to God and ask him sincerely to help you find his truth which is in the Bible, then if you are realy sincere and you rerally are searching to find him he knows your mind and heart so you can believe that he, because he want's you to find him, will send his people to study the Bible with you and show you the truth in it! You are right you cannot do it on your own you need God's help, to get that you need to trust in him. But because God wants you to get to know him he has already made the provision for you to find him, by sending out his people to tell people about him and his people are doing so.(Matthew24:14)14And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. God's people are giving testimony to all the nations so that people who want to can come to know God and receive everlasting life, for this reason Jesus said:"Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent".(John17:3)
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Fingall Fingall
I can understand your confusion. Not that long ago I started my "walk of faith". As a Christian the best way is to start in the Bible, Romans Chap 1 verse one. Read till the end, a little at a time. Other Religions I am not too sure of how they do it. Talk with several different Pastors of different Denomations and find one that you like and understand.
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Actually, the gospel of Mark records words Jesus said in Aramaic and translates them into Greek. The writer seems to have been mostly concerned with debunking claims that Jesus was pronouncing magic spells, by showing that the words he used when performing miracles were ordinary ones. Mark 5:41 has the Aramaic "Talitha ***," ("Little girl, get up!") [Sorry, I see the auto-censor doesn't like one of those words. Look it up in your own Bible.] Mark 7:34 has "Ephphatha," ("Be opened," referring to a deaf man's ears.) Mark 14:36 (Jesus praying in Gethsemane) has him address God as "Abba," Aramaic for "Father." In Matthew 27:36, Jesus while being crucified cries, "Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?" That's an Aramaic rendition of the first line of Psalm 22: "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?" I may have missed some; these were the ones I could find quickly.

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