Girl i like acts weird?

Girl i like acts weird? Topic: Act writing advice blog
June 26, 2019 / By Avalon
Question: Hi! This girl & I have been talking to each other for the past 2 months, and i told her that i liked her 2 weeks ago, and she liked me too. We've been hanging out almost every day, and we text nearly all the time. But on Facebook and her blog she always talks about other guys, how she'd like to go out with them and how she wishes she would be able to date them, (like a football player in my college or musician, etc). I mean, all I think about is her, and it doesn't even cross my mind to tell anyone "oh, i wish i dated that one model" or anything like that because all i think of is her. am i just over reacting? because i really like her a lot. Should i tell her to stop talking to me and to start talking to the other guys she has crushes on? cause i get a very horrible feeling when she talks about other guys, i feel like im being betrayed in a way? or if i'm not enough for her? Anyway, i've known her for 4 years in total and we both just graduated from high school, thanks for any advice :)
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Abegayle Abegayle | 9 days ago
no your totally right if you wrote a blog about wanting to date another girl people would call you a douche or a jerk and she would even b*tch at you shes crossing the line and being totally disrespectful to you if that was me i would be pissed talk to her and seriously be a man and tell her to stop
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Sterling Sterling
I think very young girls like attention. She might want to create a sense of jealousy in you, or to elicit some sort of reaction from you. Aside from that, you should just take it one step at a time. Also, just ask her! Be honest with her. Tell her you saw it and that you got a tad jealous (don't be all controlling or anything). Let her know she's the only one on your mind and you hope to be the only one on her mind. If it turns out that she's a player, as much as you want to be in her world, it she won't change.
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