How to start my college essay besides with the quote?

How to start my college essay besides with the quote? Topic: What does freedom meant to me essays
June 26, 2019 / By Benjamina
Question: My college that I want to apply to asks: According to Henry Thoreau, "One is not born into the world to do everything, but to do something.” What is your something? I answered: Henry Thoreau once said, "Quote", and after careful contemplation I have realized what my "something" in this world is. - To be honest, that is the most boring'est start ever and my brother says I'm going to get rejected from the college if I start with that. Also, he told me not to use the "my something" part and use something more creative... I've been trying to think about it since morning and I can't come up with anything... tips please..?
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Adriannah Adriannah | 1 day ago
You now know what your "something" is, so you're good to go. Write down what it is. Back up and write about what led you to realize that -- just start writing: events, people, experiences, conversations, insights from (seeing, doing, a person,), what you've learned is important, not important, important enough to devote your life to, good, what gives meaning to your life, someone important to you and why and what you learned from that person, a tragedy, how your understanding of life (we're really talking about you) developed. Tell a story, in a logical order, that culminates in a description of your "realization" -- what you have realized is most important to you, what you will do with your life or how you will live your life. As the final paragraph, say something like: Thoreau said, "One is not born into ... something." _________ is my 'something.' " What goes in that last blank is one (or a very few) word(s) - like: "teaching" or "human colonization of other planets" or "every man's freedom" or "a world without poverty" or "parenthood" or "a mile-high skyscraper." It is your "realization." After you have all that, go over your essay several times to ensure there's an attention-grabbing opening (a mini story or mini-biography or a quote about the human right to be free), that you built a story and persuasive argument (without appearing overly to be doing so -- you're just "talking" -sorta), paragraphs and thoughts transition and progress smoothly, a variety in sentence structure and words, you've made all the points you want to make, etc. Ensure all grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc., is perfect. Make it a "tight"/concise writing that is full of thought, not excess words. Leave it for a day or two, then read it again with "new eyes." Ask a respected English teacher to review it, and other teachers if their expertise would be helpful to its substantive contents, modify per their suggestions, review, have them read it again. Families are very helpful and good for many things; writing college application essays may not be one of them. Hope this helps. You also may want to Google "effective college application essays" or something similar.
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Adriannah Originally Answered: Quote to start essay?
http://www.quotegarden.com/index.html This website has everything! I love it and use it a lot :)

Thaddeus Thaddeus
When you are young there is a strong urge to try everything, because you don't know yourself very well. That's just a fact of the world, and it is a great place to be. I think you should think very carefully about what you are most enthusiastic about. What inspires you? Be realistic, but not too realistic, don't tell them you want to be a banker, lawyer, or even doctor in a refugee camp in Pakistan. That's boring cliche. Be honest, and do not be afraid to dream. Visualize the person you want to be a few years out of college, and let er rip. Also, add that you honestly do not know what the heck you want to do yet, that you are most excited for the process, the journey you are about to embark upon. That is what college is truly all about. It is not about learning a vocation. It is about learning about yourself. Best of luck.
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Thaddeus Originally Answered: Is it ok to start an essay with a quote?
I don't see a problem using this as an "attention grabber" for your essay. Aside from this one quote, you should probably stick to your own words for the rest of the paper. Good luck with your application ~
Thaddeus Originally Answered: Is it ok to start an essay with a quote?
Yes but makes sure the quote is related to your essay. Some essays actually turn out really well when started with a quote.

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