I have not been able to post messages on Yahoo Groups for 2 days. What can I do?

I have not been able to post messages on Yahoo Groups for 2 days. What can I do? Topic: What is case real name
June 25, 2019 / By Nehemiah
Question: I own the Yahoo group and I can't post messages on it. When I try, It tells me to "try again later." I can't reach anybody at Yahoo and the stock answers on the Yahoo site are not helpful. What can I do? I read that someone with the same problem was able to post if they didn't use the "Rich-Text Editor." I tried that and was able to post that way. Then I tried posting again with the RTE and was able to do it. So I would conclude that posting without the Rich Text Editor is apparently a workaround and the problem must be on Yahoo's end. The sad thing is that while you used to be able to email a real live person at Yahoo to help you with a problem, now you can't. Yahoo is apparently totally incommunicado. Sad. As of yesterday (April 12) the problem has been intermittent........sometimes I can post with "Rich Text" and sometimes not. This has got to be a problem on Yahoo's end. It is absurd that there is no way to reach a real person in cases like this. In response to Echo Sanders: 1) The name of the group is "sma_free" 2) I am posting directly via the site. 3) The message says: "We're sorry, but we were unable to complete your request at this time. If you continue to receive this error for more than 48 hours, please contact our Customer Care Team. We apologize for this inconvenience." Of course there is no way to contact their "Customer Care Team" and when you click on the link, it just takes you to a site with FAQs that is of no help.
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Best Answers: I have not been able to post messages on Yahoo Groups for 2 days. What can I do?

Kiaran Kiaran | 6 days ago
***UPDATE 4/19*** Per our engineering team, this issue should now be resolved. If you're still experiencing this issue, please let us know by posting a new question in this area of Answers. Thanks! ***UPDATE 4/17*** Thank you for that update. I've added your ID and group name to the engineering ticket we have open for this issue. Can you confirm if you get a similar error when posting via email? That is the only question you didn't answer. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue. *********************** Hi, If you're still experiencing this issue, please update your question with the following: 1. The name of the group. 2. How are you posting? (Via email or via the site? - have you tried both?) 3. What is the exact error you're getting? With this information, I'll be able to better investigate this problem. Looking forward to your update!
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Huey Huey
I'm having the same issue for the second day now. Wondering what's going on... I own a group and strangely, there were messages pending this morning which means some people have been able to post :'( Surprising is that the people who posted the messages are those who post tens of message daily and I always end up deleting them as spam.
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Ephah Ephah
It *is* affecting a lot of groups. Our 3 moderators have been unable to post rich text messages for several days now. If you scroll up and down the list of questions, you can see where others have also started threads about this issue. Unfortunately, lack of RT is a problem for us.
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Cole Cole
Either the problem isn't affecting all groups, or it is being fixed. I posted using the Rich Text Editor to my test group with no problem this evening. If this is still a problem for you I would recommend editing your question to extend the expiration time (Yahoo Staff doesn't usually show up on the weekend) and to add the name of the group(s) affected.
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Archibald Archibald
I am having the same issue now for two days. I can post via plain text, but not rich text. There is no help anywhere which is crap.
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