I'm really stressed out about my decision on college. Just give me any advice?

I'm really stressed out about my decision on college. Just give me any advice? Topic: I am so stressed out about homework
July 19, 2019 / By Scarlett
Question: I ended up sending my letter of intent to apply to Calpoly Pomona instead of a community college because alot of people pressured me into going with the "safe" route. I kind of regret it because my main goal is to go transfer to a UC or University of Washington as an electrical engineering major. I probably should've applied to a JCC but my parents are completely against it.........i hate it alot. I don't want to stay at CPP because 1. their engineering is hands-on (the only bad part about it is that when i start out in the real world, companies would rather choose someone from a UC than me from CPP) , 2. i want the experience of going to a highly acclaimed UC or UW (i feel inferior if i graduate from CPP, no offense) 3. when i go back for graduate schools, i will have a tougher time applying to the UCs Please do not respond if you do not agree with my position on transferring out of CPP. We obviously have different views and i'm not in the mood to read it.
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Nova Nova | 5 days ago
I don't know whether to emphasize with you or clobber you on the head. On one side, you are right. Nobody should pressure you into something you don't want. You will do all the homework, courses and so on, so if you think you will manage, nobody has the right to stop you. But on the other side.... My brother is engineer too, and was in the same situation. Almost. He didn't go to the university course, because it was heavier load of work, so he chose college course. The college course was more on practical side and it wasn't as prestigious as university one, but he had many practice - so consider this. University students usually don't get practice or many hands-on courses. Oh, they have them, but not so many as regular college. Usually, people rather hire someone who did practical work than an university student who did mostly theory. Well, my brother solved this like this - He finished the college course, got a degree, and then enrolled into university course for a year, and got another degree, this time for University course. Because he already knew the material, he only had to cobble with the subjects the college course didn't have, besides, he had enough knowledge that he didn't lag behind his uni colleagues, despite of him enrolling form college side. It was a murder, but now he is working for an employer he was collaborating with when he was still in college. As I see your situation, you can do this. Go for a year or two to the college you were forced to enroll, but at the end of the year, if you are still dissatisfied, inquire about transferring. I don't know much about american education system, but here in Europa, students have an opportunity to switch studies if they really don't like courses they chose. If you can't do that, inquire about doing the online classes along the college you are going to. In the end, you still can decide whether you will mope the opportunity away or you will make something out of it. Good luck!
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Nova Originally Answered: Worried about getting into a college? Please give me advice?
Try not to stress out too hard, you are only a junior. I know it might seem hard to believe, but a lot of things can change (your personality, your interests, your living preferences, etc.) from now to the time that you start sending in your college applications. I made the mistake of putting all my eggs in one basket, and worrying about minor details instead of working hard to maintain the big picture--try not to do the same thing. It seems like you are doing really great in school so far, keep it up! It's hard to determine what your chances for admission are without knowing the selectivity of your top choice, but it seems like you have many bases covered (academics, extracurriculars, and distinction). Maybe you could try to overcome some of your shyness by reaching out to people you know through the clubs and groups you are in? It might seem scary at first, but exposing yourself to social situations is the best and only way to improve social anxiety. I would apply to multiple colleges, and schedule the interviews for them before the interview for your top choice school. That way by the time your top-choice college interview rolls around you will have plenty of practice and you will know what to expect. Also doing research ahead of time never hurt--there are many online forums were people list questions that specific colleges ask during the interview. http://theivycoach.com/the-ivy-coach-blo... Here are some helpful links regarding becoming a pharmacist: https://careervillage.org/questions/1246... http://careerplanning.about.com/u/ua/occ... http://work.chron.com/major-duties-responsibilities-being-pharmacist-12230.html http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/money/jobcenter/workplace/healthcare/2002-11-19-pharmacy-skills_x.htm It is absolutely crucial that a pharmacist have strong communication skills and a desire to work with people. You may want to consider other career paths related to pharmacology if you think your social anxiety will hinder you. http://healthcareers.about.com/od/healthcareerprofiles/f/RxJobOptions.htm http://www.phrmafoundation.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=69&Itemid=54 Also, don't be afraid to explore other career options and interests, even if that means focusing on a school other than the one you already have your sights on.

Mackenzie Mackenzie
at the beginning, you ought to settle on in case you rather desire to flow to the great college. If its money this is the difficulty then you ought to think of complicated approximately this determination. even however if the clarification you're terrified of the great college is via the fact its farther from domicile and your afraid to make the leap i myself think of you ought to flow because of the fact it will make you a lots superior and self sustaining guy or woman. To ease your nerves pertaining to to the hot college in spite of which one you %. attempt to locate strategies you may get entangled with the college now, and start to fulfill human beings until eventually now you get there. between the simplest strategies is transforming into a member of the colleges facebook team. There you will meet many incoming novices who're all contained in the comparable boat as you. additionally attempt to seek for a manner which you will get entangled on campus, like transforming into a member of a club, a band in case you play an device, or transforming into a member of an intramural or varsity group in case you're into athletics and attempt to make some contacts via sending the consultant or president an email. they would be extra advantageous than chuffed to pay attention somebody is expressing activity of their activity and could aid you a great deal in making friends. don't be terrified of school, bear in mind that each different incoming freshman is on your precise comparable boat! have exciting no count number what you do.
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Kelsi Kelsi
ultimately its your choice, if you feel strongly about it, talk to your parents and transfer. would it be possible to transfer from CPP to UC or UW?
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Iscah Iscah
If you intend to go to a UC, attending a CCC is the best way to go. CSU transfers get lower priority than CCC and intercampus (UC-to-UC) transfers.
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Iscah Originally Answered: What kind of advice can anyone give me for my college essay?
Avoid cliches. They'll know you're b.s.-ing it. Stay informative and to the point, do not ramble! Dont be modest. modesty wont get you into college. they want to know the good things about you,not how 'well some people say im good at...' they want confident individuals. (there is a fine line between modesty and bragging.) note all AP classes (if applicable) that you took, sports, clubs, community service, etc. try looking at it from the perspective of the people at the college reading it. while you are writing, go back and reread it. and ask yourself, "would i want this person going to MY college?" also, before you start writing, make a list of everything you want to tell them. then list it on a side wordpad in an organized order. then you can be sure you didnt forget anything. best of luck!!!!!!!!!!

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