Please give me advice on this car accident?

Please give me advice on this car accident? Topic: Else if in case statements
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Question: Hello guys, my mom was hit by a drunk driver in early June while leaving from church. She was put into the ambulance and taken to the hospital, so she didn't get any information from the other party. Luckily, there was a witness who was kind enough to turn around and gave a statement to the police. Here is a brief description of the incident. There is a reserve lane for churchgoers on Saturday. The reserve lane is only available after 4 pm. Basically people were parallel parking on the inner lane. This is a one way street. She was hit by the drunk driver while my mom exited the church (while still in the parallel parking lane). One of the other churchgoer snap some pictures for my mom which clearly show her car was still in the reserve lane. The wheel and fender on the passenger side is damage. The axle and the wheel took most of the damage. The witness also told the officers that the other party vehicle have been speeding and swerving for a few blocks. He was going behind the other party and was trying to stay away from him. The witness also confirm this with my mom after she called him and thank him. I got the police report today and it stated word for word. " Unit 1 (the other party) was speeding going southbound on the block of certain street. Unit 2 (my mom's vehicle) was pulling out form the cathedral parking lot. Unit 1 hit unit 2. Unit 2 suffered damage in RFQ, and Unit 1 suffered damage in LFQ. Driver of Unit 2 was transported to (certain hospital) by ambulance. the witness statement: The driver in Unit 1 had been speeding for several blocks. He hit the Unit 1 car. I wanted to ask you guys who fault is it? My mom ask the officer today about who fault was it. He told her that guy hit your vehicle. He ask him what does it mean again, and the officer answer her again saying the other party hit your vehicle. Can you guys give me some advice. My mom is really worried that now she will have to pay for the vehicle and hospital bill. I also wanted to add some other information. My mom got a call from one of the workers stating that she's from the district attorney office. She stated that the other driver have been caught with DWI for third thime (the 3rd one being involve with my mom accident. The witness also told the officers and one of the other churchgoer to tell my mom that that driver might be drinking. That churchgoer later on told my mom that they arrested the guy). She gave a report number and case number. She asked if my mom wanted to press charges on the guy. She said that they are considering giving him a more serious punishment. I look up the case number on the district attorney webpage, and the last name and age of the other involved party matches with the police report. The last name didn't match up though. It also stated that the driver did indeed have 3 DWI. My mom is worried that it's a lawyer from the other party pretending to be someone else. Hello Mr. Ken, my mom's vehicle was still the parallel parking lane. There was a car on the left of her front side and a car on the right side. The drunk driver swerve in that lane and hit her car. She didn't make it out to the main driving lane yet.
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Lawson Lawson | 5 days ago
The reason that the police refuse to tell you who is at fault is simple - police don't decide liability. Only the insurance companies will do that. Please tell me your mother has already contacted her insurance company. I didn't see any mention of insurance company involvement in your question (though it was really unnecessarily long, so I may have missed something). The only people your mom should be talking to is her insurance company and the police. If your mom is suspicious that the caller was from the other party's lawyer, all she has to do is call the DA's office and confirm that they are indeed who called her. An attorney calling a witness posing to be someone else is illegal, and carries severe repercussions. I hardly think an attorney for the other party would jeopardize their case in this manner.
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Jack Jack
Please call your agent and make an appt to see him/her. My husband is an agent and this is something that he deals with. This is what your agent is there for, to help you navigate these unknown and confusing situations such as this. Hope your mom is on the mend. It is such a scary situation. My son was hit last month by a woman whom ran a red light, had to be cut out of the car by the fire department. He is okay thank goodness, will make a full recovery. But I know what you and your mom are facing and it can be very tricky. Good luck to you :) Add: Ken, but this person clearly states that mom was IN parallel lane, so the drunk driver swerved and went INTO her lane.
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There is not any must panic or fear, many men and women get into auto injuries and it is very common to have again and neck pains. I fully grasp that you do not like medical professionals, however it is to your safeguard that you just get looked at. The exam takes much less then 5 min. Because auto injuries are so unexpected and our frame used to be no longer ready to be jerked round in that approach, the surprise importance and the soreness can final for a at the same time. This will depart, identical to any bruise or reduce. You will have to pass see a health care provider simply so they may be able to verify you out. They will definitely deliver you a few muscle relaxers or soreness treatment. Again, do not fear, what you're feeling may be very common and can depart.
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Darcie Darcie
Mike, I have bad news for you. The drunken speeder was on the roadway and had the right of way. Your mother seems to have pulled out in front of the drunk driver possibly misjudging his speed thus interfering with his right of way thus she was the principal cause of the accident. By law your mother was bound not to in any way interfere with the travel of the vehicle already on the roadway. You should remember the rule for leaving the curb and entering traffic. It says before leaving the curb the driver must turn and face the traffic and move only when the coast is clear. Your mother moved into the line of traffic when the coast was not clear and was hit by a drunk speeding driver.
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