First day of high school?

First day of high school? Topic: Homework to do list high school
June 16, 2019 / By Floella
Question: I start my first day of high school tomorrow and I'm so nervous. What was your first day like? Oh and do I need to bring anything? (we didn't get a supply list.)
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Dakota Dakota | 9 days ago
I started high school yesterday, and let me tell you! It's the funnest place! I absolutely LOVE going to school! It seems to go by so much faster than middle school and you meet a lot of people from all your classes. Don't worry about the upperclassmen. Seriously, they just walk the halls like all the rest of us; it's no big deal. I was kinda worried about them judging me or something like that but, I mean, you get a few stares here and there, but oh well! Move on! I'm already have some homework and it's just the second day! But it's definitely a fun time in people's lives! For supplies, I would just get a binder, loose leaf, pens, pencils, dividers, highlighters, different colored pens, and maybe a notebook. The teachers will tell you what they want in their class and you're expected to be responsible to get them by whatever time they say. Good luck and have fun!
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Blair Blair
I'm Starting Same Time Next Week. They did not give me a suply list too. At my school its just the generic. The teachers will give you some time to get whatever you need for school. Also, just remember to bring a pencil on the first day cause some teachers get pissed like thell say "Why Did You Come To School Without a Pencil" or some stupid crap like that. Shawn C.
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Aimie Aimie
i was nervous too. it was a bit over whelming the 1st day but i had a great year. high schools dont give supply lists each teacher tells you what you need for their class the 1st day. all you need is a binder with paper, pencil and pen [blue black and red] most english teachers are strict about using pen and mabey a highlighter i dont think you need one but just in case. and i would bring my lunch the 1st day high school lunches are more expensive than middle school and it will give you more time to find your friends but dont worry you'll have fun. high schools great good luck
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Tone Tone
Well, I may not be able to help becuse I'm in the 8th grade, but anyway today was my first day back in school. I had everything in my little bookbag right? And guess what. All the stuff I brought I didn't need and for the majority of the day we just did meet and greets....Well all except for this one teacher who gave us an assignment that's gonna be graded 2morow and a chapter's worth of homework due on thursday and we dnt even have our books.....GRRR lol
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Raynard Raynard
My first day was sikk!, i made so many new friends and i built up enough confadence to talk to the hot new girls, now i am friends with all them. Just put yourself out there and dont be shy
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Matt Matt
i don't know what my first day of school is like cuz, it hasn't happened yet. but CALM DOWN honey, worrying does help either, you will be FINEEE! DON'T WORRY!!! just do whatever feels right and you will be cool, and don't forget you will see your friends again....
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Matt Originally Answered: First Day of School outfit and High School Stories?
Hmmm. High School. All i know is that im excited to get out. Haha. As far as stories go, I have a lot. People look at you weird if you don't wear what everyone else wear, but don't let that stop you. People will like you for being yourself. The whole "stuffed in trashcan" in false. I have never heard of that happening, especially to girls, so don't worry about bullies. Overall, have fun =] And its good that you care about the way you look AND have good grades. I'm the same way. Good Luck.

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