I don't know what to do about this situation?

I don't know what to do about this situation? Topic: How to write a letter to your girlfriends mom
June 26, 2019 / By Sammie
Question: Me and my longterm boyfriend have been away from eachother for almost 6 months now. It was believed and prayed for that he'd come for a visit in January for a week, then on spring break I was going to go to his sisters. Recently, I found out that his mom wasn't going to allow him to come in January. I had so much planned for us too, and was so excited. This is actual love, this isn't a fling, or anything, if it were a fling, how would i have held on so long, have you mind. Him being away is killing me. everyday my heart breaks a little more, and a little more. I have this lump in the back of my throat all the time, its swelling, and then it becomes tears. Theres this ripping and pulling deep in my chest, actual physical pain, actual ache. I haven't done anything with my friends like I used too; I just sit at home, and watch tv or play video games, thats all. I don't want to do anything. All i want to do is hear his voice through the phone. I sit at home until he does, to call me. We're always on the phone. I've never been so happy, or so broken at the same time. my bones hurt, my legs hurt, my eyes hurt. I can't even cry anymore. Well yeah, actually I can. I do love my boyfriend. he means so much to me. But what should I do? we're very young.
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Noele Noele | 1 day ago
You said you're both very young. I'd like to know how young. It sounds to me that he's away at college and so are you. You said his mother didn't want him to come visit. That means she has some control over his traveling arrangement. Perhaps, his mother wanted him to focus on his studies and less on his social life with any...not just you...girlfriend. Write to each other. From the letters, you will be able to learn whether or not he's still interested in you. Good luck.
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Noele Originally Answered: Who is right in this situation? Me and my gf's living situation?
Girls are ALWAYS right, even when they are wrong, learn this. Oh and I didn't even bother to read your essay lol

Lyra Lyra
Of course you feel like this. Your young. You think your in love. You think he's the one. You think that forever is all about him. You have all these pipe dreams and fantasies about having a life with him, marrying him, having babies with him...but from this angle, I think its pathetic. In a few years, you will not be with him. You will have grown apart. If you don't spend any time together, if you don't build a relationship day after day with him here, then its not a relationship. If you do not see him, physically connect with him, spend time together, then there is no relationship. Words don't mean a damn. Talk is cheap. You can only say I love you so much over the phone but being able to show it is the true merit in any relationship. So I suggest you quit hiding out. You quit being all depressed and pathetic and get out there. You are so young, live your life, have fun. Your friends are not going to stick around forever for someone who can't leave their bedroom. Then who are you going to have? No one. Your friends will all be gone and your b/f will never come home. Do you think he is shutting himself off from the world? Are you sure he is being a 100% faithful? I'm not saying its true, I'm just bringing it to light. Maybe you should maintain a relationship with someone you can actually see everyday and be with. I would never put up with my husband being away from me. I would never allow him to leave me here and go off and work somewhere far away. I deserve a husband who comes home every day. And a husband that I can have a marriage with. I think you are totally selling yourself short for someone who is going to end up leaving you anyways.
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Keighley Keighley
im not sure how far is he from you? and di you ever think he may ba cheating on you?? most guys wouldnt stay with a girl for 6 months they couldnt see...and at least you can talk to him on the phone
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Ina Ina
go to him. no matter the distance. no matter his parents. if this love is real ull do anything, right?
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Ina Originally Answered: What do you do in a situation like this?
It sounds to me like he was giving this information to you as a motivational suggestion and then left you to pursue it yourself...since you did not directly work under him, it would not have been in his hands to be your advocate, only to make the suggestion and let you run with it...why have you waited all this time for him to take charge of your life for you, why didn't/don't you speak to your immediate boss about it, and see if all this might be a possibility?...it sounds like this man is a good leader, he saw more potential in you than you were utilizing at the time, he mentioned it, gave you ideas to pursue higher aspirations, then got out of your way and left you to do the task...what have you done to pursue this on your own since that time? He handed off the football to you with that info, and you might still be able to make the touchdown...now that you've been in the company longer, you may even have more leverage in asking your boss about it all... I would approach him again, call him up, go to his office, whatever....remind him of the conversation you two had a year ago...explain that you really liked the idea and would like to pursue that avenue...ask him if he has any suggestions as to how you could get that ball rolling...and then listen to what he tells you to do...then do it! But remember, it is ultimately up to you, not him, to make it happen...this is your career, not his...any info he shares with you, will be your responsibility to carry out and make your dreams come true! Good Luck!

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