Why do some professors give students they hate a harder time?

Why do some professors give students they hate a harder time? Topic: Guides to writing a resume
July 17, 2019 / By Ewen
Question: I am annoyed at the fact when students who the professor likes they get better grades and the students the professor dislikes gets a lower grade! I think this is very unprofessional & it seems as if the school dean really could care less! Who do you go to when you feel like the professor is grading unfairly because this has happened to me last semester! My grade was at a B- and our class had two assignments left. Which he didn't even give us a final exam and I spoke with him about being unprofessional weeks before that and from there on my professor acted as if he hated me. So, if I had two very well written papers or two very poor written papers why did my grade not go up or go down? I know it have to be either or and I am sure those papers were written well I mean for godsake it was only a resume & coverletter legt to write. Moreover, he gave the sample guide so who could screw that up! Who can I speak with besides our Dean?
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Cowal Cowal | 9 days ago
You can "speak with" whomever you want, so long as the other person or people are willing to talk to you, but your attempt to get the grade changed has failed. If the dean has shut you down, that's the end of it. You should feel free, once the new semester is underway, to go to your professor's office hours to discuss how well you did on those last two assignments and how your final grade was calculated. And while I am sure there are *some* professors who "hate" students, it's been my experience that very often students who do not completely understand the work assume that their lower-than-desired grades are about their professors' feelings rather than about the quality of their work. Good work means good grades, but a student who cannot distinguish between an instructor's positive response to good work and a positive response to the person who produced that work may mistakenly believe there's a connection between the professor's feelings and the grades students earn. Of course, if you go around lecturing a professor "about being unprofessional" (especially since I suspect you haven't completely internalized the professional standards of academics -- and not having a final exam is in no way unprofessional: when I was in school quite a few of my grades were based on my performance in class participation and on one or two papers) you're not going to make a good impression. But very, very few professors (again, I am sure there are *some* as there are people in every profession who do not live up to the expected standards) would let that affect your grade. In addition, if you followed a sample guide very closely rather than going above and beyond or messing it up entirely, you can expect a grade in the C - B range. So it's entirely possible that given the low relative weight of those last two (minor, as you point out) assignments and a grade very close to the average you already had in the class would not change the letter grade you earned in the class. And be honest: if your grade had gone down, you would have attributed that to your professor not liking you. So what you're really saying is, "I met all the standards the sample guides set, therefore producing average quality work, and so I should have gotten such great grades on those assignments, and those assignments should have been sufficiently heavily weighted, that it would have pulled my grade up to at least a B." But that's just not how it works. At some high schools, there are a lot of opportunities to affect your grade at the end of a semester; in many college classes, grades are based on a weighted average with relatively low weights on the tasks at the end of the class, and it's not at all easy to affect one's grade much at the end unless the grade was borderline in the first place. So "Why do some professors give students they hate a harder time?" Because they are unprofessional. *BUT* most professors don't hate students: students just don't matter that much to them. And most professors who do dislike students don't give them a harder time because they dislike them; however, many students who are struggling in a class have a hard time distinguishing between a professorial attitude toward their work and a personal attitude toward themselves. And since it is reasonable for professors to push students whose work isn't at the level the students clearly want it to be (I assume you wanted to be doing A work so you could get a grade of A), many students are at risk of misinterpreting professional professorial behavior as personal animus.
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Cowal Originally Answered: Do you think college professors should give out study guides? And honestly. why don't some professors?
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Ashley Ashley
It's the flip side of the pet thing. If I give higher grades to my pets but don't give lower grades to those I hate, the class average will be suspiciously high. Instead of doing things to make your teacher hate you, why don't you do things to make him like you? Insulting someone (calling him unprofessional) is NOT the best way to get on his good side.
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Valorie Valorie
It does not make sense. If you are going to treat students like that. There is no point of you teaching. I hate professors like that. Hard grading professors can kiss my *** and got to hell. I would not get any professors like that.
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