HOMEWORK HELP: What was Jamaica like before it was colonized by the British?

HOMEWORK HELP: What was Jamaica like before it was colonized by the British? Topic: Homework live help free
June 25, 2019 / By Trafford
Question: ulture wise, people wise, environment ...? Any ideas on what Jamaica was like before it was invaded by the British Empire? I need it for my presentation. Thanks in Advance and all help is strongly appreciated :) answer the question , or gtfo if you dont have serious answers . -_- im dead serious , i need to finish this for tommorow . oh my goodness, steam , how stupid do you think i am? yes, I KNOW it was colonized by the Spanish but thats not the main focus in this project ! it's about the british collision! thankyou charlie!!
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Redmond Redmond | 9 days ago
Before the Spanish and the British got there it was a peaceful disease free piece of land. sure the Caribs and Tainos may have had disputes ,disagreements and a little cannibalism here and there.... but they basically lived in harmony without fear of being pillaged, enslaved, raped, inflicted with diseases and killed off by pinky be blessed EDIT I just realize you said before the British. well when the Spanish were there they pillaged, enslaved, raped, inflicted the inhabitants with diseases and killed them off then had the nerve to bring more people to the island to rape, enslave and inflict with disease... not to mention the French tried to do a swoop down on the island but was easily defeated by the British pinkys.
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Redmond Originally Answered: Have you ever noticed that countries that the Spanish colonized.?
The Spanish Empire viewed their territories primarily as sources of Raw materials to be exploited. For example they forbade their territories to trade with any other nation but Spain. They also forbid the development of any but the most basic manufacturing industries. So you had a case where the empire were selling shoddy goods at inflated prices to their colonies. In contrast the British empire established seperate companies to administer and run their colonies, which encouraged development. The French viewed their colonies as extension of mainland France which also encouraged developement. The Spanish however viewed their colonies as simply being property of the King, and treated them as such.

Matty Matty
it was colonized by the Spanish.But the Spanish didn't hold a strong monopoly of Jamaica because they were more interested in Hispaniola and other greater Antillean islands because they had gold. Now before it was colonized by the British it was mostly populated by Amerindians (taionos / arawaks) who were over worked by the Spanish which led to there genocide.they were used to plant food for the Spanish settlers and had to pay them taxes in cotton, food and gold. The English only colonized Jamaica because they attempted to colonize another island front the Spanish but failed because it was too heavily guarded by the Spanish. so Jamaica was colonized as a consolation. Now b4 the English the culture of jamaica was basically Arawakan culture mixed with Spanish intervention. there were Arawakan huts made of thatched roofs, the arawakes were subsistence farmers and they grew crops like corn, cassava, peanuts, and eat meat like shell fish, birds and iguana ect. they hunted with spears and could fight.They even had to fight on a regular basis with the violent Kalinago who live on close islands to Jamaica. However they still couldn't compete with Spanish muskets and pistols. By the time the English came a long most of the taions were dead though. so only the Spanish really interacted with them. by the way are you an american student? do u do caribbean history?
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Joby Joby
Whatever anyone says about Jamaica before "The British Empire" is pure "conjecture", because everyone alive today was not there then ! Historical records say that the Island was inhabited by "Arawak Indians" whom eventually died out. The "captured/enslaved" but much more resistant "Africans" were taken there for "Seasoning" ie "Psychological breaking" into slavery but other than this information I do not think that there is a lot about "pre Empire Jamaica" other than perhaps old Geography books about the terrain and not much else.
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Greg Greg
The Arawaks were not natural farmers like Africans. They were more into fighting, fishing, and barbequing their enemies. As a result, all the colonizers had no patience with the Arawaks. The Spanish finally gave up and killed them all off. As a result there's no record of Arawak life in Jamaica other than a few notes showing how annoyed the Spaniards were with the Arawaks.
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Duncan Duncan
There seems to be no written history for Jamaica before 1494 when Columbus arrived. !st page below has several articles with info on that period...but not much.
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Bruno Bruno
you would be shocked to appreciate that till now British colonised India, although Hinduism (with its countless and diverse sects) replace into its significant faith. It replace into additionally abode to Christainity, (confident India had christianity even till now Europe embraced it, It comes as marvel to many that that Indians have been following Christianity in Kerala and Goa till now british themselves accompanied it. So it is going to be incorrect to asume that christiainity got here with british). We had additionally accompanied Islam, Jews, and Parsis. to not neglect that 3 different huge religions originated in India. (Buddism, Jainism and sikhism) different than for those religions there have been many tribal faiths which you will not strictly bracket into any faith. additionally do not neglect small impacts like Din -e- Elahi of Akbar, Sufism which borrows from the two Hinduism and Islam. there have been many Hindu reformist actions like Arya Samaj, Brahmo-Samaj etc. i'm hoping that this answer replace into of a few help. the certainty that India is abode to such extremely some religions and type is what makes it India. Irony is that as we communicate we dont look to have a good time with our legacy of religious tolerance.
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Alann Alann
You need to learn some HISTORY... Jamaica was colonized by the SPANISH.. COLUMBUS even CLAIMED IT in the name of SPAIN in 1493
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