Guys have u ever broke uo with ur gf and missed her?

Guys have u ever broke uo with ur gf and missed her? Topic: Your mind matters thesis paper
June 25, 2019 / By Abigall
Question: Or have u ever gotten into a fight and not talked for days??? Don't u miss her and care about her even tho it was a stupid fight but u don't wanna call her cuse ur used to her calling u first
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Storm Storm | 7 days ago
Ok, let me tell you this tragic story of how me and this girl broke up and got back together >:. Ok so it was late august, and we had our first game! Everyone was excited, and we were all cheerful and what not, and then the girl i have a crush on walks over to me and says, Come here Bradley. So i walk over there and i say "Yes?" i'm confused sweating light headed and a bit delirious. But i tried to keep my cool and what not. So she says "I heard you like me" and i reply "Where did you hear that?". But anyways past that we kinda started dating that day on the bus, we kept talking on the phone, we kind of kept up and what not so about 3 months later, before we load the bus to the game, she breaks up with me. My heart was crushed, my soul was lost, because i truly loved this girl, and she just destroyed me. She said she wanted to get to know eachother better and that she wanted to try new things, so i accepted. And during this period of sadness i could not get her off my mind no matter what i did, i would like burn things for no reason, nothing big just little bits of paper, but for some reason i ended up thinking of her. Soon i started righting, more, poems about her, about 8 a day, i would throw them away because they were good enough for her, or at least i thought, and i thought she would throw them away herself so i did it. Anyways she broke up with her boyfriend just last week and when i heard the news i literally jumped out of my seat and screamed "YES!!!!!" (in my mind) so in happiness i was kinda rollicking about my day. I knew there could possibly be a chance for us to date again. So it was tuesday, the 17 i believe and she said that she wanted to date again. You know what i did...I DECLINED HER AND I WAS LIKE FAWK NO, but in reality i said yes lol i never wanted to break up and it was a sudden yes in my mind. People told me theses things about her, they called her bad things and what not but i didnt give a fawk. and now she is with me >: and thats all that matters other than i love her (but dun tell her). Anyway my friend the moral of this story is Patience is virtue. Just wait and you shall have her back in her arms.
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If you were a father and had a kid who promised you not to drink a soft drink in 6 months, and failed...would that make you so angry that you would never forgive? of course not... God is your father if you are in Christ, and you are his child. Yes, he does not like it when people make vows and break them, that is true. But it is also true that he is a loving father, full of compassion and mercy. You can't even fathom his love. he counted the number of your hairs and wrote your name on the palm of his hand based on what the Bible says... So stop worrying about that. Just repent, ask God to forgive you and wash your sin away so this won;t become a curse of some sort, and learn to receive your forgiveness. In the future make sure you don;t make vows you can fulfill. Then research the Bible for everything that says "in Christ" and you will get a profile picture of how God sees you...it will blow your mind away when you discover your new identity.
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Palu Palu
Nope, never had a fight, and still have the same girlfrend for 4 years striaght, daumn sun im marrying this girl <3
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Lionel Lionel
i understand you're searching for a adult adult males answer yet, i've got had this problem ensue to me, so, I continually refer to them and tell them that I dont' want this break as much as break our friendship. So, then you adult adult males can nonetheless be acquaintances and tell one yet another stuff. So, refer to them, merely commence a classic converstaion. He would want the comparable as you do.
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Lionel Originally Answered: Have you ever 'missed your chance'?
Let me help you out. I had an old acquaintance come 1000+miles to find me, no kidding, just to spend a few days with me. He was nuts about me but I had a boyfriend. But you know what? There was a connection and as soon as he left I felt empty inside. That was the person I was meant to be with and every cell in my body knew it. So I left my boyfriend, left everything, and moved 1000 miles away to where he was and we got married immediately. Sounds crazy, I know, but that was years ago and now we have a house and kids and are the happiest couple I know. The moral of the story is IT CAN HAPPEN. It happened to me. I KNOW its real. You're right, this is not a coincidence. Do it buddy. Go get her. You're meant to go and get her. For all you know she could either be thinking about you all the time too and kicking herself..or...maybe once you leave she'll realize she can't live without you.

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