Planning to buy a home for the first time. I live in Montgomery, AL. I don't want to live here for too long?

Planning to buy a home for the first time. I live in Montgomery, AL. I don't want to live here for too long? Topic: Business plan for in home care
June 19, 2019 / By Keren-Hapuch
Question: If I buy a house here, does this mean that I have to live in it for a certain period of time before I can sell it? I'm simply buying a house to take advantage of the 8,000 tax credit and also to lower the tax paying. When will I be able to sell the house after I bought it?
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Best Answers: Planning to buy a home for the first time. I live in Montgomery, AL. I don't want to live here for too long?

Jacki Jacki | 4 days ago
YES & NO !! Yes, you can take advantage of the tax credit that is being offered to all first time home buyers. No, you can not sell the house the same year and still take advantage of the credit. Although you will pay a small penalty for breaking your mortgage, you can sell your home the very next day. So if your intentions are to remodel the house and flip it, them you can forget about the credit. Keep in mind that you can make over $30,000 for flipping the house, so does the $8000 tax credit matter? In addition, if you are not planning to stay in AL then think carefully about making this purchase. What would happen if you moved away? Who would take care of it? You have many options available, however if you don't have at least $40,000 to put as a down payment, don't bother!! The interest and taxes you will have to pay the fist year will easily eat up the $8,000 tax credit. I know the tax credit sounds good, but in this current market it's not the right strategy on how you should invest your money. Hope this helps, John Komatsoulis - Business Development Coach
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Elyse Elyse
You have to stay 3 years minimum or you must pay back the credit. Usually it is not worth it to buy a house if you move within 5 years from purchase. With the current market, if housing prices go down you might have to stay in the house longer to make it worth it. The $8000 tax credit is not that much if you consider the potential increased costs of homeowning vs. renting. You should work out your anticipated mortgage/insurance/property taxes and compare that to what you pay while renting. The supposed tax benefits of a house are not truly benefits. You can deduct mortgage interest paid, but unless you are itemizing your taxes already that is unlikely to be of any use to you. I just bought a house and will get no benefit from taxes because we don't itemize, but take the standard deduction (married filing jointly the standard deduction is $11.4k). If you do deduct you really only save a fraction of the deducted amount in taxes, maybe only ~$15 per $100 deducted over the amount of the standard deducation. Don't buy a house solely for the tax break on money paid towards mortgage interest.
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Christiana Christiana
You don't have to live in it to sell it. Once bought you can list it for sale right after closing if you so desire. In today's economy though you would probably take a loss or it would be on the market a long time before it sells. Personally - unless you have extra dollars- I wouldn't buy in today's market unless I was planning on living there for at least 5 years.
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Avalina Avalina
If you have no plans to live in a city or town for at least 5 years, pls do not invest in a home, you can lose a whole bundle of money in a short time, better to rent and look at some other option like putting it in a retirement plan or whatever.
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Abbye Abbye
If you live in it less than a year or two, you will probably lose money on the deal. You have to pay realestate fees, title fees, closing costs, etc. If you don't plan to live there long you should probably wait.
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