Would it still be safe to use my bathtub if.?

Would it still be safe to use my bathtub if.? Topic: Epa papers
June 26, 2019 / By Janice
Question: I've poured enough chemicals into it that I could probably fill a pool. You see I turned my bathroom into a darkroom, and whenever I was done with any of the chemicals (film developer, paper developer, fixer, stop bath etc) I poured them down the drain in my tub. Now I have an urge to take a bath but I don't know how safe it would be. I'm guessing I probably still could, but just in case I'm being stupid, can someone fill me in on the possible risks? Oh. I wasn't aware of that. I thought you only had to do that with selenium, since it's supposedly very toxic. I didn't think everything else would be a big deal. Thank you very much... .... But does anyone know if I can still take a bath?
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Esta Esta | 8 days ago
That would depend on several things. The chemistry used in black and white processing is actually not that harmful assuming you wash the bathtub out after using it. The real dangers come from things like selenium toners and color slide processing. Other possible side effects are more likely to be a problem with inhalation or ingestion. You already inhale it when you do the developing, and unless you drink the bathwater it will not be an issue. Note: I had to TD ace because it doesn't become illegal to dump photo chemicals down the drain until you hit a certain amount. That is pretty hard to do unless you are processing hundreds of rolls of film per month. The EPA doesn't make anything completely illegal to dump. It sets amounts of what is legal, and the amount of hazmat materials used to process a single roll of film is incredibly small. That isn't to say Ace is right about what is the ethical thing to do. You should take it to a hazmat facility, but it is not against the law to rinse it down the sink.
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Baylee Baylee
Used fixer is a silver containing chemical which is very harmful to the environment. My old school was fined $5000 for dumping silver bearing chemicals down the drain. Developer isn't harmful I work in a photo lab and it just flushes down the system.
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Adeline Adeline
yeah... if you've cleaned it. just don't bath in the chemical residue if you haven't really scrubbed it.
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