What were some medical advancements that came from the Holocaust?

What were some medical advancements that came from the Holocaust? Topic: Medical research article topics to write
July 17, 2019 / By Barbary
Question: I have to write a research paper that gives both the benefits and consequences of the Holocaust. I didn't pick this topic it was assigned. I know all the consequences and I can't see what could possibly be a benefit. The only thing is maybe there were medical advancements? Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you.
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Adela Adela | 5 days ago
Your teacher is very sick to ask this but since you need to know, just be careful and don't let it scar you. Here goes: http://www.tetrahedron.org/articles/apoc...
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Adela Originally Answered: How many of you realize that America is lagging in medical advancements?
I'll agree with you. Another thing they have done in Asia is use a pneumonia virus to target cancer cells.. and it works incredibly well. I keep waiting to hear about similar research in the USA, but nothing. But. I also think it's the cash cow of the industry that slows us down. "oh, we have a new pill that will fix this problem, but we are still making millions on the old pill, so let's not put this one out yet" ideas. And then the conspiracy theorists say that the big drug companies have the cure for things like cancer and AIDS, but refuse to release it because if those things are cured they lose their money makers. I think there are alot of things involved, but I do agree that we are significantly behind, and government regulation (while some is needed) has hindered our efforts to improve.

Taskill Taskill
The Nazis kept very meticulous records on the experiments they did on the victims of the Holocaust. At the end of World War II, the records that weren't destroyed by the Nazis themselves were locked away and never used for anything.
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Perry Perry
The Autobahn. I strongly urge you to pick a different topic on the Holocaust than the one you propose. It will likely set off a firestorm of controversy.
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Lucky Lucky
I've read a few essays by scholarly people who state that despite the horrendous "experiments" Mengele and others conducted on prisoners, not one iota of useful knowledge was obtained.
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I once worked for a former CIA guy that made hundreds of millions of dollars in the cell phone revolution of the past several decades- I remodeled his house. Now how does one even begin to account for his foreknowledge? One doesn't and one cannot- my guess is that when this technology became openly accessible to all he merely knew where to go first. How does one inhibit this sort of predatory behavior by formerly government entities or corporations that have ingratiated themselves via campaign contributions, etc? One cannot. It is the weak link . All the more reason not to trust the Right Wing. This is no baloney, by the way.

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