What to do with cute quotes?

What to do with cute quotes? Topic: Squared paper to write on
July 17, 2019 / By Vivian
Question: well im totally in love with those quotes that u can find on some ppls backgrounds on myspace for EX: " it takes millions of ppl to complete the wrold, but it only takes u to complete mine." what could i do with them i have whole bunch on paper but my room is gettin to clutter so what are some good ideas be spefic plz i ment what can i do with them around my room i dont have a myspace or anything anymore
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Shanna Shanna | 4 days ago
Write or type them onto strips of paper and glue them onto one wall (or onto the inside of your closet ), or paint them out onto the wall, or put them in a scrape book. Get an old wooden desk and decoupage them onto the top, buy sharpie markers and write them onto a pair of jeans, embroidery them onto a shirt or jacket, write them on the outside of your folders, glue them onto old shoe boxes, write them on a pair of canvas sneakers, make a jean purse and write them on the purse, buy card stock - cut into 4/6 squares -use a waterproof, smear resistant pen and write them on one side- spray light coat of satin varnish- and use them as post cards....
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Oralee Oralee
you could cut and blue them into a notebook or there are really good sketchbooks you could use. Along with that you could glue favorite pictures of friends and family or mag cut outs- or art you like. Make a little journal quote book- things I like book. I have one from when I was younger and I love look at it! You could even use an old text book to glue them in- anything really. Get creative! You could also have a quote wall in your room. Any book store has cool blank journals you could use. http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Sketchbook/Sterling-Publishing/e/9781402751288/?itm=6
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Maidie Maidie
While the difficult takes time, the impossible takes just a little longer! Mind your manners - they become your character Repition is the Mother of Skill, and Preparation is the Father of Success and my personal favorite that's helped me through many a dark time: This too shall pass...... and finally here is the greatest one for a boy to send to a girl: * Last night I sent an Angel to watch over you while you slept but it came back early. I asked why, and it said because Angels don't watch over other Angels *
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Keziah Keziah
Post them all on your myspace or blog. That way you can save them online and also share with others. Or, you could make the paper into airplanes and throw them at cute boys. haha
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Jaimie Jaimie
Put it on My Space or make a cool backround and photoframe them or paint them on your wall. To stop clutter get a folder
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There is only one happiness in life -- to love and to be loved. I was the kid next door's imaginary friend. Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born. Ann Richards: I've always said that in politics, your enemies can't hurt you, but your friends will kill you. Anna Garlin Spencer: The friendship between a man and a woman which does not lead to marriage or desire for marriage may be a life long experience of the greatest value to themselves and to all their circle of acquaintance and of activity; but for this type of friendship both a rare man and a rare woman are needed. Perhaps it should be added that either the man or the woman thus deeply bound in lifelong friendship who seeks marriage must find a still rarer man or woman to wed, to make such a three cornered comradeship a permanent success. Anne Morrow Lindbergh: If one is estranged from oneself, then one is estranged from others too. If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others. Aristotle: What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies. Audre Lorde: The sharing of joy, whether physical, emotional, psychic, or intellectual, forms a bridge between the sharers which can be the basis for understanding much of what is not shared between them, and lessens the threat of their difference. Ben Jonson: True friendship consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and value. Bertrand Russell: A sense of duty is useful in work, but offensive in personal relations. People wish to be liked, not be endured with patient resignation. Blaise Pascal: Few friendships would survive if each one knew what his friend says of him behind his back. C.S. Lewis: Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You, too? Thought I was the only one." Charlie Daniels: A brief candle; both ends burning An endless mile; a bus wheel turning A friend to share the lonesome times A handshake and a sip of wine So say it loud and let it ring We are all a part of everything The future, present and the past Fly on proud bird You're free at last. written en route to the funeral for his friend, Ronnie Van Zant of the band, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Cicero: It is virtue, virtue, which both creates and preserves friendship. On it depends harmony of interest, permanence, fidelity. Confucius: Silence is the true friend that never betrays. Cornelia Otis Skinner: To cement a new friendship, especially between foreigners or persons of a different social world, a spark with which both were secretly charged must fly from person to person, and cut across the accidents of place and time. The Ape in Me, 1959 David Hume: Truth springs from argument amongst friends. Deng Ming-Dao: Those truly linked don't need correspondence. When they meet again after many years apart, Their friendship is as true as ever. Don Marquis: There is nothing we like to see so much as the gleam of pleasure in a person's eye when he feels that we have sympathized with him, understood him. At these moments something fine and spiritual passes between two friends. These are the moments worth living. E. B. White: You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing. I wove my webs for you because I liked you. After all, what's a life, anyway? We're born, we live a little while, we die. A spider's life can't help being something of a mess, with all this trapping and eating flies. By helping you, perhaps I was trying to lift up my life a trifle. Heaven knows anyone's life can stand a little of that. Charlotte, "Charlotte's Web" E.M. Forster: One must be fond of people and trust them if one is not to make a mess of life. E.R. Bulwer-Lytton: It is difficult to say who do you the most mischief: enemies with the worst intentions or friends with the best. Ecclesiasticus 6:14: A faithful friend is a strong defense: and he that hath found such an one hath found a treasure. Edgar Watson Howe: When a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it. Eleanor Roosevelt: Friendship with oneself is all important because without it one cannot be friends with anybody else in the world. Elie Wiesel: Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing. Elizabeth Foley: The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. Ella Wheeler Wilcox: All love that has not friendship for its base, Is like a mansion built upon the sand. Emily Dickinson:

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