I need help, advice! Is this child abuse?

I need help, advice! Is this child abuse? Topic: Homework hassle
July 19, 2019 / By Amby
Question: I have question. does this count as child abuse? since we were little my mom has hit us with belts and hangers. she has thrown shoes at us and spanked my older sister with a pan. she has told my baby brother shes going to make him bleed. once he was playing and he put himself in the position to get hurt nd she said if he hurt himself she was going to hurt him even worse. i've told her that im going to call the cops and she told me she was going to make me bleed until they got here. my family knows but they say i exaggerate and they don't see it as something wrong. i feel alone.i act out and i have an attitude.i have all the symptoms of depression and attempted suicide. they asked why i did it but i just couldn't say it so i said it was because of the pressures of school,which do contribute to my depression.i didn't like being scared of my own mom. she is not there for emotionally and rarely physically.she comes home and goes to sleep or eats or goes out with her boyfriend.oh and did i forget to tell you that her last boyfriend looked at my sister in the shower.she kicked him out but both me and my sister feel it was because she felt she had to.i found messages were she called him babe and honey even after the accident.she never cooks and rarely cleans.she tells us to do all the chores but i rarely do them cause i feel like we shouldn't have to do all the chores.she says she comes home tired but shes only a cashier.we also have school and that's like our job and then we still come home and have to do homework.she goes partying on saturdays and doesn't come home till late leaving us alone at home. once she came home at 4 in the morning and woke me up to open the door.she barely takes care of my brother.my sister is the one who takes care of him and feeds him. we live in a small 2 bedroom apartment including me,my sister(pregnant),my brother,my mom,my cousin, and my uncle.there is rats,spider,mold, it's infested with cockroaches,she says we have to clean and they'll go away but these things are in the walls and under the floors. i find cheap houses and apartments for rent but she refuses to move just so she doesn't have to go through the "hassle" of filling in a couple of papers and making a deposit,she says it's not just moving in and i know that,it's never going to that way,i she doesn't want to make the effort were never going to move out. my sister is pregnant and this is clearly not the right conditions or space for a baby.i want to leave but i don't want to be separated from my family. i need help i'm dying inside.i'm breaking down.she also,when we were smaller made us pull our pants down so she could hit us with the belt or hanger.
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Tikvah Tikvah | 8 days ago
Not enough first hand information. You have a dog in the fight so we have no idea what is fact and what is [email protected]
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Tikvah Originally Answered: Need help/advice: is this neglect or child abuse? Please read?
you think that's bad you should have seen my son when he was 18 months old. Hey 18 month olds get hurt, they fall down, they run into things non of your complaints were abuse. CPS will laugh at you if you call them.

Roxana Roxana
I am very sorry to hear what you are going through. I would like to help with the infestation part of it though. Please go to www.pesttrackers.com Report the location of all the pests. Your landlord has to do something for you. They will not go away by just cleaning. Get some info and get some help at this site. I hope you can find some help with the infestation portion of your problem I am very sorry I cannot be of more help. You really need to listen to the other answers for the other parts of what you need advice for. The Pest Detective from Pest Trackers wants your pest encounters. It is easy and strictly confidential and secure. As the people of the city of Hamilton know bed bugs, cockroaches, mice and much more pests have been on the uprise now and the pest detective is dedicated to helping keep track of where these pests are. If you have pest story Pest Trackers would like to hear about it. Go to www.pesttrackers.com and get great info, see pics and report your sightings. 1 out of the first 500 posts will be entered in a draw to win $500.00. The winner will be contacted via email.
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Nanna Nanna
Yes this is child abuse you need to talk to your school counserlor. I know how you feel and where you are cOming from my own mother is an abusive priece of crap. I hate her with my whole being but my sisters still live with her. I always hope they will get out but they don't. I went to a teacher and the schools counserlor I said what I had to say and the removed me, my sisters where brain washed to help her and make sure she wouldn't get in trouble as was I bu I had had enough and desided I would take it into my own hands. As it is my baby sister got mad punched my other sister and has a broken hand and has not been taken to the hospital. Be strong and make sure you help yourself because no one can help you if you don't help yourself. Meaning you need to tell and stop it with the attitude and trouble making. I hope you do the right thing for yourself and if you ever need to talk to some one don't be afraid to email my my email is [email protected] message me, I understand how scary it can be trying to work up the courage.
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Lorie Lorie
OMG. I'm SOOOOOOO sorry for what you're going through. It is ALL ABUSE. It is physical abuse. It is emotional abuse. It is psychological abuse. And you should not have to live like this. You are VERY brave for having posted here. I need you to be even more brave and do something to stop the abuse. I know it's scary. I know it's hard. I know you feel guilty. I know you don't want to hurt you mom. But you need to listen to me carefully. You MUST report this. Do it for yourself. Do it for you sister. Do it for your baby brother. I know of someone who came from a very abusive home. She has suicidal thoughts and always ends up in relationships with me who abuse her. She has put her self in several situations where she has been raped. She has been in several relationships where she has been beaten and hit. Her brother committed suicide. And she is depressed and often thinks about it. The root of it all is the abuse. You are obviously strong enough to post this question. Now I need you to be strong enough to stand up and stop the abuse. Even if your family gets mad at you, even if they split you guys up for a while, no matter what happens, reporting this and putting an end to it will be better for you, your brother, your sister, and even your mom. PLEASE do it. Be strong. The sooner you get it over with, the safer you will all be and the sooner it will be over. Please also remember that NONE OF IT is your fault. Your mom created the situation that left you no choice but to seek outside help. No matter who blames you, don't believe them. It is not your fault. You kids are the victims of a horrific crime. It is even worse that it is your mom doing it. She should be protecting you guys. If she can't, then you must do it. Here is some practical advice. Tape record her if you can so she can't deny it later. Or when she beats you and you're bruised, then call or tell your teacher. Teachers are required to call the police. Or, if she's going mad and saying all kinds of things, just dial 911 and let the police hear what she's saying. That will get recorded and the police will show up. Good luck. Be strong. And remember most of all, none of this is your fault. You don't deserve to be beat and you don't deserve to be blamed for making it stop. As for those who say it's ok your you're being hard headed....IDIOTS! YOU ARE INSANE! Seriously, get professional help.
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Kath Kath
this is called child abuse ,neglect, and possibly child endangerment. because of the rats, spiders, mold and roaches. i don't know how old you are but you need to go to child protective services. because in the first place there are too many people in that small apartment, and the condition of that apartment is not suitable not only for a pregnant sister but for the rest if te people there either. your mother sounds like she is in denial or just plan don't care. and that uncle needs to get a place of his own, whether through welfare, disability or what ever. all of that you have described is going to be bad for a newborn baby especially the rats and mold. plus your sister needs to get up and get help for herself. and just explain to welfare what is going on at your mother's place. and see what they can do for her. even a room would be better than where she is now. if you really want ot leave then you have to plan what it is that you want to do. you can;t continue to stay there. has anybody said anything to the landlord about the condition of the apartment. i don't see how your mother stays there and don't want to leave. what is her problem. like i say she don't seem to care about you all so you are going to have to do what you have to do to get away from there. i know you may not want to get separated from family but you are kind of separated from your mother already with the way she has you living. and you may have to separate until you can get things together so that you can be together. if you are under 18 then you might have to be separated for a while. if you are 18 you may have more leverage as to what you can and want to do. this is for your brother,sister,and cousin. your uncle has to look out for himself. if you can work and save some money that would be great. and if you can get help to get one of those cheap houses or apartments that would help you and your sister and brother ti stay together. and the hitting with the pan,belt and hanger has got to go. so try to plan what move you want to do and then do it. it might be hard at first but if your sister help out and corporate that will help a lot. if not then provide for your brother and cousin unless they are able to see after themselves you don't need to be where you are. at your young. let the grown ups look after themselves. i wish you well
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Heleen Heleen
All kids should have chores of some sort, but taking on everything is just way too much. Call in child welfare. They'll drop in out of the blue. Let them decide if you're living in a good environment. I've never heard of spanking your child with a pan.
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Drusilla Drusilla
This is definitely child abuse (physical and emotional) and neglect. A lot of times we think that just because our parents do something it must be right because our parents are suppose to protect us and care for us...not the case. Your mom is COMPLETELY wrong and she is abusing her children. You need to call for help please, if not for you at least for your siblings! call 1-800-4-A-CHILD they are a group of people helping children. You can talk to a counselor if you would like when you call that number but please get help. If you have any concerns you can address them when you contact that number. The first step is to reach out for help...PLEASE CALL! No child should suffer abuse!! by tonight, over 10,000+ children will have suffered abuse, 5 of which will die. SIGN OUT PETITION &HELP PREVENT CHILD ABUSE!! HELP A CHILD LIVE!!! Once you're done, please ask your friends to sign the petitions as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word! www.facesofchildabuse.org/petitions
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