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Ginea Pig help? Topic: Case spine labels
June 26, 2019 / By Cheri
Question: I just got a piggy about a month ago and he is still VERY jumpy and wont come out when Im in the room, if he does i have to be SILENT or he will freak and run away. Sometimes he hops straight up in the air while making a squeeking noise etc. I need to excersice him, but I dont know how should I buy a wheel? or let him run around on the floor while I watch??
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Ash Ash | 7 days ago
Give your piggie some time. It takes about six months or so for your piggie to become accustomed to you and to trust that you're not going to hurt him. Guinea pigs are "prey" animals and it is their instinct to run & hide from anything that gets too near. Their only defense in the wild is to run or they get eaten! If he is hopping straight up in the air, this is called "popcorning" & it means that he is happy! Make an area of your house "pig proof" and allow him to putter around and explore. The kitchen or bathroom are good places since the flooring is usually a material that can be cleaned easily in case of accidents. Make sure there are no electrical wires, access to behind appliances, etc. that he could get into. Do NOT buy your pig a wheel or rolling ball. These items are made for hamsters, mice, gerbils, and ferrets. The guinea pigs' spine does not bend the same way and the forced use of a wheel or ball can permanently damage your piggie's back. The manufacturers of these products should be sued for including pigs on their usage label. My very best suggestion to you is to get your piggie a same-sex friend from a local shelter or rescue. They really need to be housed in pairs. It makes them much happier! Good luck!
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Zeph Zeph
ok here is everything i know about guinea pigs because i had one once.i apologize if any of this info was already used..i didn't read the other answers before i answered. *guinea pigs are nocturnal but they need very little sleep so it really doesn't matter when they are awake. *a wheel is not good because a guinea pigs back could get injured (i learned that one the hard way) *a guinea pig is a very noisy animal so some of those squeaks could just be him talking to you. *talk to him sweetly and slowly everyday and he will eventually warm up to you. he just isn't used to his surroundings yet and all the movement and new things scare him. *as far as letting him out do what ever is comfortable to you. i let mine out on the floor in an enclosed pen(i used chicken wire but i don't recommend that) ask a pet store employee what would be best. *your guinea pig will most likely love the outdoors so if possible let him outside in a includes area. BE SURE TO WATCH HIM!!!!!! i hope some of this info works and that your guinea pig warms up to you soon. they can be really cool creatures.
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Sky Sky
Since the fact that the Guinea pig is still very afraid of you, you should buy the wheel because it could either A: bite you in self defense because it doesn't trust you or B: when you let go of it so it can run around it might escape. I have had the problem where I let mine go and it was gone for three days until my mom found it in the dirty cloths hamper. So your best bet is to buy the wheel till it trust you and will come out on its own
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Oran Oran
Guinea pigs are born to be self sustaining right now away, regardless of the reality that they commonly stay with mum for greater or less six weeks they consume stable nutrition from start and you could %. them up right now away. the faster the greater advantageous beacause then they grow for use to human arms and intensely tame. I even have had a lot of infant guinea pigs born right here and that they have all made astonishing pets. sure you could sparkling thier homestead this is not a concern for the toddlers or mum
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Leeroy Leeroy
best bet is to get a large closed in area.. most ginea pigs as well as other caged animals are nocturnal and run around at nite.. most donot like awheel but you can buy a ball big enough for them. ask at the pet store for more ideas
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Jade Jade
If he wasn't handled when very young, he may never socialize. http://www.2ndchance.info/guineapigcare.htm
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