Is my intro paragraph OK?

Is my intro paragraph OK? Topic: Othello by shakespeare essays
June 19, 2019 / By Kitty
Question: This is the introduction to my compare and contrast essay. Can you guys please help me make it better? In Shakespeare’s Othello, Roderigo and Cassio, though they seem similar, are driven by different motives. At a glance, both characters are foolish enough to be manipulated by Iago. Their similarities, however, are cut short. Both men admire Desdemona’s beauty, but only Roderigo becomes infatuated and acts upon his lustful temptations. Likewise, both men serve others - Roderigo follows Iago, while Cassio serves Othello. While both men obey others, only Cassio obeys out of loyalty, whereas Roderigo follows Iago for his own selfish desire for Desdemona. Though both characters seem similar, Cassio proves to be more honorable than the lowlife Roderigo. Its indented and othello is italicized, it just doesn't show up :/
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That might be tough ... kind of depends on if you support them or oppose them. Also, is this an opinion essay?
Originally Answered: Intro to a novel I would like to write, suggestions?
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