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What would you like to know?? Topic: Homework re falling
July 19, 2019 / By Kristie
Question: What are you wondering? I'll answer all the best i can ( not so good) hah anything at all... except creepy nasty things.... No thank you. 1.carle..... its winter...sadly :( 2. Jess- Its just the way it is haha :) 3. Watergodess51- if everyone is telling you you sound bad..then no.. if everyone is telling you you sound good..then yes :) 4. soul- the world may never know.. ;) 5. Melinda W- only my obsession :D 6. Golf King- im just the kinda of person who asks this question..no im bored out of my mind :] 7, Ashy ;D- who knows... what do you think? 8. Pat Jess- beause relationships are hard stuff...real hard 9. Anabell- it's annoying isn't it? She doesn't want to... simply just doesn't 10. confussed- I'm confussed ;) ask a woodchuck :D 11. enchante- Mr. Claus is bringing me the world ;) I dunno I'll just have to wait until Chistmas morning.. and I let you know ;D 12. Dai D- You've got the opposite problem as the first person that answered.... i'd say you're lucky. maybe you are just hallucinating and it's really freezing so your dad wont turn the heat down...maybe. ;) Don't I'm wasting my time and not doing my homework too.. that's just they way we are. :) Same here. l can't help you there cuz... I have the same problem :( 12. Sen-sen- either you got something in your teeth.... or they like..or could be you are just so darn amusing to look at :) 14. Bluesky- Wait until you fall in love... then you'll know :) 15. Pink Noor 101- infinity and behind 16. Same O- Im not only the wrong one...im confussed
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Jeanetta Jeanetta | 9 days ago
Why is it so hot in this room? Why won't my dad let me turn the heat down? Why am I not doing my homework? Why won't I stop eating this pretzel sticks even though they are too salty?
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Fanni Fanni
Why did you spy on me? I always knew it. I just didn't know how. I didn't do anything to nobody. So why me? Tell my aunt to keep taking care of her family. Also for her not to come here. She doesn't have a home here!
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Cora Cora
why do YOU think people (mainly boys) stare at me when I'm not doing anything wrong and am quite plain??? (I mean im no beauty- im not being modest!!!)
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