Bachelors of Business Administration or B.Engineering?

Bachelors of Business Administration or B.Engineering? Topic: Case school of engineering
July 17, 2019 / By Peronelle
Question: I am applying to universities in the USA for Bachelors. I will be taking the pre-requisities courses like pre-dentistry but i am having difficulty in choosing my Major. Should i do Bachelors of Business Administration(BBA) or B.Engineering(BEngn)?? Doing BBA will be a bit easier as i will be doing the pre-dentistry also but BEngn will be much more hard work. But in case, i couldn't fund myself or i couldn't get admission for dentistry , then i would have to start my career with my Major. So i am not sure what i should do. My A-Levels grades are: Maths- A Biology- B Chemsirty- B Physics- C Do you think i meet the grades required for admission at a university? Please help me with anything you can. Thanks.
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Marlena Marlena | 7 days ago
No you're right, pre-dentistry is not a major. It is a set of prerequisite courses that you have to take in order to go to dental school. If you want to go for that career, then it doesn't matter what you major in at the undergraduate level. I think you have the grades to get into universities... but it also depends on which universities. Keep your options open. But as for your major, you can major in whatever you want as long as you are clear about going on the dentistry track. Go for a business degree, since you seem to struggle with physics and engineering requires a lot of physics. That way you will do well and enjoy it. If you can't get into dental school you can still get a job with a business degree, or you could do an MBA.
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Yes, you will just need to make those math classes a priority. You should seek a tutor at the beginning of the semester when you are taking math classes. It will help you out greatly!! You *have* to take them if you want that degree and I feel that it is worth it. I suck at math as well and I am obtaining a business degree, it's only 3-4 math classes, so I'll survive. You can survive too. They may be hard, but people bad at math can make it through if they seek help!
Marlena Originally Answered: Can I get a bachelors degree in business administration if I'm bad at math?
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Krystle Krystle
I think you might be confused a bit. Or maybe it's just your wording. But wouldnt you want to major in dentistry since that is what you implied you wanted to do? Now if you majored in Dentistry and minored in some other field, that would work. But I would think that if that is what you want to do, then major in that. And about getting admitted to a university, if you are a US citizen or have an academic visa then you should have no problem getting into a public university.
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Jelissa Jelissa
It's not really a joke, but they are a dime a dozen. You could go for a master's....but like I said a dime a dozen....the MBA professors at my university make $120,000 a year...and that's in Mississippi. It really depends on what you plan on doing and where you go to school. If that's what you want, go for it. Don't let someone talk you out of your dreams.
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