My Yahoo! mail account was suspended for reasons unknown. How can I get my old account back?

My Yahoo! mail account was suspended for reasons unknown. How can I get my old account back? Topic: Ms case search
June 16, 2019 / By Reginald
Question: (I've had to type this twice, now.) My email address was originally [email protected] I had a YA account under the name "etenebris", but the site says that it can't find my user page, either. Search under the screen name to see it for yourself. So, the original story: I logged in, and Yahoo! said that my account had been suspended, and that all I could do was transfer my account information to another email address. So, I tried to create another email address for that purpose, but it said that it couldn't "process my request", and sent me to the registration page. Now I have an email address at [email protected] I desperately need help, because Yahoo! has provided me with no way to contact it and ask it a question about this, and I really need my other email address back, as when I created a new one, the files weren't transferred. If a YA moderator or someone from Yahoo! sees this, please contact me at either [email protected] or [email protected] Thank you.
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Best Answers: My Yahoo! mail account was suspended for reasons unknown. How can I get my old account back?

Mckenzie Mckenzie | 8 days ago
Yahoo has been having major server issues since at LEAST Jan. 10, seemingly just with particular servers. And what's happening to you is unfortunately one of the many problems that people are having because of them, and Yahoo doesn't seem to be in any particular hurry to solve them. And the problems are not just w/Yahoo Beta or IE7; I and others not using either are having similar problems. But both do have more problems; if you're using Beta, it's still in the testing stage and has a lot of problems, so go back to original Yahoo mail, and the same w/IE7, go back to IE6 until MS irons out all the problems. I've had to use another acct.provided free by my ISP to send/rcv important e-mails since Jan. 10, and it's been working just fine the whole time. If you don't have another acct.w/another provider besides Yahoo, I'd strongly advise to get one; it makes a good backup in case of problems like this. Please see my posting from Fri. Jan. 12 under the heading "Anyone having problems of any kind w/Yahoo Mail, PLEASE READ THIS" for more info and on reporting problems to Yahoo. Since that original posting, they've also sent another e-mail that they've escalated the problem (or should I say problems!) to their engineering department, which is an indication of major problems, and not just a minor S/W "glitch." And again, these problems are not exclusive to Yahoo's Beta, but it does seem to compound the existing problems. This would indicate to me that there are also compatibility issues btwn. the H/W and S/W, besides the server problems. So it's not anything you're doing, your computer, or your internet connection, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And BTW, deleting temp files (which your computer automatically does anyway every time you shut down your computer), cookies, or history will absolutely NOT fix the problem, nor will running disk cleanup or defrag or a system restore.
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Mckenzie Originally Answered: WHAT are the CHANCES of my ACCOUNT coming back if I got SUSPENDED!help?
i got suspended too for no reason! and i sent an email to them saying that it was unfair and i should have my account back but they sent me an email back saying that they weren't going to unblock my account again! so it's looking quite unlikely that you'll get your account back and i know its not fair because people just go around randomly reporting things for no reason!! anyway hope you get your account back because i won't lol xx
Mckenzie Originally Answered: WHAT are the CHANCES of my ACCOUNT coming back if I got SUSPENDED!help?
My first account was deleted by some twit who hacked it and then removed it. I was emailed at my other email address, and sat in awe. Then I wrote about 4 massive emails to get my account back, and some loser writes back and says *I need more information*. Idiot he was. No I don't think you'll have your account back. I didn't. Sucks doesn't it.

John John
the information you used to sign up for the account, name you used, birth date, zip code, secret question & answer. If you know all that, then Yahoo! can help you get your account back. Give them a call 1-866-562-7219. Either case - call them up and find out what is going on and hopefully they can help you get your account back. Good luck!
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Grover Grover
Hi, Use the tech sup. addy below. Plus, I added some numbers for you at the bottom. There is a Server Farm issue with BETA MAIL.and Original Mail. Listed is the only things that I have found for fixes until testing is over. So, if you don't have BETA MAIL or IE 7 and are having some of the following problems, contact Technical Support: http://add.yahoo.com/fast/help/us/mail/c... My first suggestion is to use your ISP, Internet Service Provider mail accounts if you are having problems that can't be corrected by going back to IE6 and Yahoo! Original Mail!!! If not: TO GET INTO MAIL: for Original and Beta You will have less problems with Original Mail if you sign in via Messenger! Go to preferences, general, then check box: Automatically sign me in when I click a Yahoo! link in Messenger. Or go to My Yahoo and click on your mail link. Or Click on the Big RED Y! on the Yahoo! Toolbar. Bottom line is any link that already has you signed in!!! Error fixes on help pages were for Original Mail before Beta Mail was offered. That is why they don't seem to be helping very much since the testing has begun: http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/error... These are the most resent problems reported to Yahoo! Questions: 1. CANNOT COMPOSE REPLY OR SEND MAIL http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/send/... 2. YOUR LOG-IN SESSION HAS EXPIRED: http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/acces... 3. CAN NOT FIND SERVER: Go to Tools, Internet Options and on the general tab, Delete Cookies, Temporary Files and Clear History. That should do it for you! 4. OTHER ERROR MESSAGES: http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/mail/error... I believe it will solve MOST all the problems people are having if you Switch Back (click on switch back on top of your inbox on top by your account) to Original Mail, until it is out of the TESTING STAGE. AND IF YOU HAVE IE7 or IE8, uninstall it by going to Start Control Panel/Settings and then Add and Remove Programs. Your IE6 is still installed! Try it and if it doesn't solve your problem just SWITCH BACK TO BETA MAIL! BETA MEANS TESTING! It lasts for at least 6 months!!! NOTE: Use BETA software at your own risk; it is intended for testing and evaluation purposes only. Do not install beta software on your primary computer or production environment. That was from Microsoft help pages. http://add.yahoo.com/fast/help/us/mail/c... yahoo phone number::::: 408-349-1572 (customer care) yahoo fax ::: 408-349-3301 Yahoo! Customer Care http://www.yahoo.com/ Hope this helps you P.S.What are you doing about trolls and abusers? We have released phase 2 of our "troll defense" recently and you should start to see some positive changes. While we are confident in our troll and spammer-catching technologies we might miss a few, and would like to encourage you guys to continue reporting any abuse you see. We have begun to crack down on "background" point-gamers--those who create multiple accounts to choose their own best answers, target others with thumbs-down votes, or target others by repeatedly reporting them for abuse. We cannot go in to too much detail about our new nun-chuck powers, but you should see a marked decrease in spammers on the site. We would appreciate feedback on how you think our new system is going, and what changes, if any, you are noticing. Thank you for working with us as we implement this phase and continue to work on phase 3. We know many of you are eager to help us catch these types of users, and you can continue to report them to us through the report abuse link.
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Grover Originally Answered: I can't acces yahoo mail! even im connected on my yahoo account?
Sometimes the simplest of fixes work wonders such as type the F5 key to refresh the page and clear up some clutter. Or Type these 3 keys together Ctrl+Shift+Delete and in the window that appears Tick the top box "Preserve Favourite website data"then click on Delete That will clear out your browser cache and is usually enough to fix most problems Last Option If they don't work then a full virus scan may be needed. Have a good day. R ó G é R

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