Women in Comic Books: Your Opinions?

Women in Comic Books: Your Opinions? Topic: Examples of mass media research questions
July 18, 2019 / By Seward
Question: Hi all, I'm currently in the process of writing a project for my final year of university that's to do with the representation of women in comic books. I've run out of "real life" (parents, friends etc) to ask, so I thought I'd take my research online to you "virtual" people :D My area of research as I said, is the representation of women in comic books, so if anyone has any opinions etc on how women are portrayed in this particular mass medium, I'd love to know! Thanks in advance y'all! Note: I only want COMIC BOOK related answers; no TV show, comic strip, magazine, film, film of a comic book (eg. "Jean Gray from Xmen film was mega hot"), or anything else! ~thanks! Thanks for your answers so far guys- wow! That was quick! I've already done like a huge bit on Wonder Woman, so I'm moving on to more recent Comic Books; e.g Tank Girl, the Xmen girls, 2000AD (Judge Cassandra Anderson), Halo Jones, Durham Red, Venus Blue Genes etc. Does anyone think that the lady heroes are a GOOD role model for girls? ~thanks!
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Nevada Nevada | 3 days ago
Honestly, this is an often asked question. I recently went to Dragon Con. What was funny to me was that fact that a discussion about Superheros and the Justice system quickly became about the way women are portrayed in comics. Often it seems they either or victims and/or vengeful. The standards for male characters don't exactly apply for the ladies. Example, if Bruce Wayne sleeps around, he's Billionaire Playboy Bruce Wayne, if a woman sleeps around, she is a slut, and it IS who she is. It often seems that writers, and possibly the readers, to see a female character as more than 1 dimensional. One axiom is she can either be prepubescent, or must be a big breasted femm fatale. I personally enjoy well rounded characters. I for one am fine with comics having NO sexual content. One thing I have sadly noticed, the woman is often portrayed as being either overly emotional or a stoic rock, very little middle ground. One Pinky and the Brain comic book (the first issue) said that women in comics need REALLY BIG (the last word always getting blocked was Breasts). I always, because of my mother bringing such things out to me, notice how often when supposedly trying to gain respect or be in a respected position, they still have most of their chest falling out. It is rare to see a male walking around in a thong while leading an infantry. A good example, the costumes in Ultimate Xmen number 1. Jean Grey is supposed to be representing Xaivier's newly formed school, and walks around like a street walker. Even her "uniform" barely covers her. Hope this somewhat jummbled list helps. EDIT I think it depends greatly on the character and the version of the character, as to whether they are good role models. Example, as you probably know from studying her, Wonder Woman at times had very sexual, at times sexually abusive, undertones. I think, from what I've seen, in general, the character Storm was/is a nice role model. She's not anorexic, has at least some principles, and doesn't look generic enough to make her totally copiable.
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Kimberley Kimberley
From what little I know, they almost always are very attractive. While male comic heroes seem to be becoming a little more diverse (like geeky, disfigured or undead protagonists as opposed to square-jawed body-builders) it seems that even the normal (eg non-super hero) girls are C cupped hour glasses. Now I don't personally have a problem with that but it's something to consider. However despite that, whenever a female is the protagonist she seems to be the intelligent, capable type. I guess there isn't too much experimentation going on with female leads (like I described above with the male ones) perhaps because the largely male audience might not respond to a girl who is anything less than a supermodel. Well, that's my rant. Good luck with the assignment and your final year! Best of luck, - Ben.
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Humbert Humbert
I think the current hottest female character in comics right now is Black Canary and by hottest I mean on fire. This character has evolved so much over the last couple of years that she basically went from Green Arrow's girlfriend to being one of big players in the Justice League. She is one of the most intellegent characters and her combat skills equal that of only Wonder Woman. She finally got her chance to shine with her 4 part mini run book and now is a permanent fixture in the Green Arrow series, which was relaunched recently as "Green Arrow/Black Canary". It's only a matter of time before she gets her own solo series run and I believe it well be successful. If you're looking for more, look no futher that DC's "Birds of Prey", the all female superhero group (which also has Black Canary as a lead every once in a while now).
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Ernie Ernie
Ahaha, vurtial people. Anyways, I think there are pro's and cons to having women in comic books. On one hand, they can be perceived as the hero, but on the other, they are just as often (if not more) drawn as either, insanely skinny, busty, hopelessly-pretty women, or the helpless victim. Therefore, some comic books, I believe, hold some sexist views, but others are fine. I would also like to see more comics with the hero as a woman. God luck with your project!
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Colton Colton
From what I've seen, the diversity of women portrayed in comics is roughly as diverse as women are IRL -- just to a much more extreme degree. I've seen strong women, weak ones, smart, ridiculously stupid, pretty, ugly...you get the idea. I've read a great deal of comics in my lifetime, and what I can tell you is, any type of woman you want to read about is available in some form -- it's up to you to find the related story that has the type you're looking for in it....
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